Jaguar S-Type Side Marker Lights

Side marker lights play an important role in the safety system of your Jaguar S-Type. Understanding the different styles and types available can help with the selection process. Here are some questions that may come up when selecting marker lights for your car.

What are side marker lights?

Side marker lights help to illuminate the sides of your Jaguar S-Type so that it is visible to other drivers on the road. These will typically power on when you turn on the headlights and are a standard safety feature on your Jaguar S-Type. There are different styles and brands available when you need to choose a replacement or upgrade.

What types of side marker lights are available for Jaguar?

There are two main types of marker lights designed for your Jaguar S-Type. Understanding the types of lights available can help with the selection process.

  • Front marker lights will have amber-colored lenses or light bulbs. The lenses will be made of a high-impact plastic design. The light bulbs in the front lights will come as either LED or carbon filament bulbs.
  • Rear marker lights will have red lenses or light bulbs. One advantage of LED light bulbs is that they have a long life span to minimize the number of times that the LED bulbs need to be replaced. Both front and rear marker lights will have a waterproof casing that also protect the bulbs.
What are some tips for selecting side marker lights?

Selecting marker lights for your Jaguar S-Type can be complex with the many options available for your car. Following these tips and guidelines can be helpful in the selection process.

  • Gather information on the model year and trim level of your vehicle. In some cases, you will also want to know the production date of your car. Parts can be changed in the middle of the production year, so having this information will help you find compatible lights for your car.
  • Select a style of bulb for your Jaguar. There are clear and colored bulbs available for your car. Selecting clear bulbs may be helpful if you need to change the bulbs in both the front and rear marker lights.
  • Select a brand. You can choose from various OEM and aftermarket marker lights that can upgrade the appearance of your Jaguar S-Type.
What companies manufacture marker lights for your Jaguar S-Type?

When you need to select marker lights for your Jaguar S-Type, there are many manufacturers to choose from. If you are looking to replace the stock lights on your car, you can select from lights produced from Jaguar. If you’re looking for OEM alternatives, or you want to change the appearance of your lighting system, you can select from companies like Philips, Hella, B2C Central, and others that make aftermarket options. One thing to consider with aftermarket replacements is that you may have to make adjustments for the parts to fit onto the body of your Jaguar S-Type. You can also select from unbranded lights as well.