Honda CR-V Side Marker Lights

The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover sports utility vehicle first produced in 1995. It is a mid-range option, and it features five doors, standard front-wheel drive, optional all-wheel drive, and it is built on the Honda Civic platform with an SUV body. You may need to replace or install additional lights as markers on the front, back, or side of the sports utility vehicle in order to increase its visibility for night driving or street parking.

What are the features of Honda side marker lights?
  • Reflective red or amber cover: The lights have a shatterproof cover. Lights designed for the front of the vehicle have an amber cover, and the lights for the sides or back of the vehicle have an amber or red cover. The reflective coverings over the LED lights also make it easier for people parking behind you to see where the edge of your bumper is located.
  • Wired assembly for ease of installation: The light marker assembly kits have harnesses that are already wired. The wires are color-coded for ease of installation.
  • Chrome housing that forms a tight seal: The waterproof chrome housing that surrounds the reflective covers for the lights forms a sealed surface against the body of the vehicle. The sealed housing protects the incandescent light bulb or LED light from exposure to moisture, dust, and dirt.
How do you choose Honda CR-V side marker lights?
  • Choose the placement on the vehicle: Choose lights that fit on the drivers side or passengers side of the vehicle. There are lights designed for markers on the front, back, or sides of the Honda CR-V.
  • Select a bulb, reflector, or marker light assembly: Choose an incandescent or LED light bulb, a reflective covering for the lighting, or an entire marker lighting assembly for the vehicle.
  • Choose a manufacturer for the marker lights: Choose Honda as the original equipment manufacturer for the vehicles side lighting assemblies. There are also lighting parts made by other manufacturers, including Depo Auto Parts, Eiko, Philips, Putco, TMH, and TYC. You could also select private label, aftermarket, or unbranded lighting parts to mark the sides of your vehicle.
What are the types of side marker lights?

There are several types of light markers for installing on the Honda CR-V. One type is the front markers, which come with an amber cover so the light produces a yellow glow for visibility to oncoming traffic. The second type is the markers that fit onto the back side of the vehicle. These lights feature a red covering so that traffic behind your vehicle can be alerted to your use of the brakes. There are also amber and red incandescent and LED light markers that can be installed along the drivers side or passengers side of your Honda CR-V enhance your visibility, such as if you are towing a trailer or if you routinely street park your vehicle.