BMW X5 Side Marker Lights

BMW X5 side marker lights allow you to outfit your X5 model with replacement lights in the event that your current ones no longer work as well as they should. These lights are typically placed towards the front side of the BMW X5 and come in upgrades as well. They are manufactured by a vast array of brands, including WD Express, BMW, Philips, and DEPO Auto Parts to name a few.

How do BMW X5 side marker lights work?

The side market lights are special lights that are placed on either the rear or front sides of any kind of motorized trailer or vehicle. They primarily function as safety lights that help to warn drivers when you turn your headlights on. The function of these lights is for low visibility conditions, such as when driving in rain or fog or when operating your X5 at night. They are available in a wide range of different shapes and designs and typically consist of a single incandescent or LED light bulb that connects to your vehicle via a single wire. They are usually placed at the rear quarter panel and front fender of a car and use 12 volts of electricity when turned on. These lights automatically activate when you switch the headlights on.

What different lens colors are there with BMW lights?

There are several different lens colors for your BMW X5 that you can choose from, the primary of which is amber. A few of the additional colors that can be found include clear, red, and orange. Some of these lights also appear in a smoky or tinted color.

How do you select the correct BMW X5 light?

When selecting one or more of these lights for your vehicle, you will be able to choose from a variety of options. The first step towards making sure you select the right light is for you to match the model year of your BMW X5 with a light that accommodates that specific year. This will help to ensure an exact fit.

Many of these side marker lights are referred to as OEM parts, meaning that this lighting has been created by the Original Equipment Manufacturer of your X5, which would be BMW. These parts are designed in such a way as to match the specifications of the same parts that are included in your vehicle when first released onto the market. OEM parts are able to be directly fitted into your vehicle without requiring you to make additional alterations. Another option is to select an aftermarket branded part, which refers to all side marker lights that have been made by some other brand aside from BMW. This can be any brand from Philips to DEPO Auto Parts. It is possible that you will need to make a couple of modifications within your BMW X5 in order for aftermarket parts to fit properly. Many upgrades are provided through aftermarket manufacturers.