Shocks and Struts for Subaru WRX STI

The shocks and struts for any vehicle are important components when it comes to enjoying a comfortable and safe driving experience. These parts are designed to cushion the shock these automobiles feel when there are bumps and potholes in the road. The struts further protect an automobile and driver by minimizing the amount of pull that is experienced when the vehicle turns in any specific direction.

Where are shocks and struts located?

The shocks and struts of a Subaru WRX STI are located on the front of the vehicle. There is one strut assembly found connecting each front wheel to the chassis of the automobile. The shocks are found in the rear of the vehicle and bolt to the rear wheels.

What is a coilover?

A coilover is a part of the automobiles suspension system. The term coilover is a shortened form of saying a coil spring over a strut or shock absorbers. These parts are responsible for providing additional absorption of shock that the car experiences. Their intended design is to reduce body roll and allow for the ability to lower the positioning of the automobile.

What is the purpose of a strut mount?

A strut mount is a component that allows you to attach a strut assembly to your car. This part is intended to insulate the noise that is experienced by the tires of the automobile and the other vibrations as your car is in motion. Some strut mounts for the front of the automobile will include a bearing or bearing plate that acts as a steering pivot. These bearings are intended to increase the life of your strut assembly while giving you more control when driving the car over unlevel surfaces or when turning the vehicle either to the right or left.

What is a strut assembly?

A strut assembly is a component of your cars suspension system. These parts are designed to allow for easier replacement of your vehicles front strut either on the drivers or passengers side of the automobile. While each strut assembly may vary as far as what components are included in the assembly package, most strut assemblies feature a full strut as well as the following:

  • Bearing plate
  • Upper and lower spring isolators
  • Upper spring seat
  • Coil spring
  • Boot kit
Can right- or left-side struts and shock absorbers be interchangeable?

No. You need to replace the shock absorbers or struts with a part that is designed specifically for the right or left side of the automobile. This is due to the specific design of the part and the type of shock or body roll that the vehicle may experience when traveling. You can further determine the type of shock absorbers or strut you need by locating the part information in your vehicles owners manual, on the inside of the vehicles door panel, or from the current part that is installed in the automobile.

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