Sheriff Badge

Sheriff Badge

Law enforcement officials proudly display their badges for others to see and to identify them as state, city or county officials. A star is commonly used as a sheriff badge, but you may also find badges that are round or in other shapes. You can easily find a wide range of authentic sheriff badges for sale that have been used by police officers, rangers and others who have protected and served in the past.

What are some variations in the sheriff badges available for sale?

One of the most identifying features in the attire of a sheriff, deputy or other law enforcement official is the badge that they wear. This metallic badge is often considered to be standard for the uniform, along with handcuffs, a weapon and more. While some have a distinctive star shape with either five or six points usually, you may find others that have a star overlaid on a circular platform. Some of the more historic models also may simply be circular and have a rather basic design rather than a star. Most indicate the official legal status of the sheriff or officer carrying the badge. A sheriff badge also often indicates the state or county where the individual has jurisdiction.

How are sheriff badges and stars used by individuals who are not in law enforcement?

While the use of sheriff badges by a sheriff or deputy is obvious, you may not be certain how these items are used by those who are not active-duty police or law officials. Many of the stars and emblems on these metallic objects that you can find for sale have a historic or classic look, and they are not the same style as those that current sheriffs or other law officials use. Therefore, some people will collect these items as heirlooms or historical artifacts. Others may purchase them to wear for re-enactment or holiday costumes because they add a touch of authenticity to their look.

What are these badges made out of?

With most states and counties creating their own style of badge for their sheriff or deputies to wear each day and night when they are on duty, there are many different metals that are used to make these items. Brass, copper, silver, silver-plated and other materials are commonly used in these authentic pieces. Because they are made out of metal and are real badges that were once worn by local sheriff and deputy officials, they often feel solid and have a decent weight.

How can you properly maintain or care for a sheriff star or badge?

Sheriff badges available for sale may be decades old or even more than a century old. Their metal composition has helped them to retain their character and condition over the years, but all metal objects require polishing from time to time. You may reduce the need to polish your metal objects if you keep them protected in a safe container and avoid touching them unnecessarily.