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What You Should Know Before You Choose a Sharp TV Power Supply Board

Sharp is an international electronics manufacturer and is regarded as the 10th-largest manufacturer of TVs in the world. Sharp makes a variety of televisions and monitors, including LCDs and LEDs. Sharp TVs is also marketed under the AQUOS brand, and its power supply boards are available for repairs.

How can you tell if the power supply needs replacement?

TVs that do not power on may have a faulty power supply. Additional signs that a power supply component may need repairs include:

  • The TV shuts down without warning
  • Blinking LED power lights with no accompanying picture on the screen
  • Flickering and flashing video images
  • The TV has sound but no picture
How do you choose a power supply board?

Take note of the model number and serial number that appears on a label that is adhered to the back of the case. To ensure you have a correct part number, open the case and locate the power supply unit. This part takes AC power and distributes it through the rest of the TV. It will be located on the chassis attached to the AC cord or AC adapter. The part number will be written on a barcode affixed to the board or the chassis underneath.

Can different power supplies work in the Sharp TV?

The company makes a variety of models including 4K and FHD, in sizes ranging from 28 inches to 65 inches. Different sets use different power supply parts that fit inside the chassis. Connectors and specifications will vary, so you should select replacement parts. The manufacturer states the parts fit all specifications, including OEM parts and refurbished or recovered boards.

Can you use a refurbished or recovered power supply?

Sharp or AQUOS boards may be refurbished or recovered from TVs that have been used for salvage or recovery. Recovered or refurbished power supplies may be used as long as the part number matches and specifications are correct. Components on the board should be tested by technicians and certified for proper functioning for proper operation after repair.

How do you replace the power supply board?

The board is an internal television part and is secured to the chassis as well as other internal functioning parts of the television. The following steps are required for the removal and replacement of an old part.

  • Place the unplugged TV screen down on a soft surface.
  • Locate the power supply board inside the chassis.
  • Find and disconnect wire bundles and ribbon connectors.
  • Locate screw fastenings, unscrew the parts, and remove the old supply board.
  • Seat the new board, replace screws, and replace the TV housing and screen.
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