Seats for Toyota 4Runner

The front and rear seats of your vehicle provide your Toyota 4Runner with comfortable accessories that you can use as replacements or upgrades for your SUV. These interior enhancements come in a variety of colors, most notably those of black and tan. They are also available from a variety of brands, including Coverking, Dash Designs, and Toyota.

What are the different types of Toyota 4Runner seats?

When searching for rear or front seats to pair with your Toyota SUV, there are several different types to select from:

  • Bench: This type of rear seat is typically used on the second or third row of a 4Runner and consists of a seating arrangement that runs the full width of the cabin and mirrors a bench, as opposed to a gap being placed between two separate ones.
  • Driver: These are designed specifically to be used in the driver position and come in a variety of shapes and sizes along with several different feature-sets that largely depend on which 4Runner model year that you have.
  • Passenger: These are designed specifically to be placed in the front passenger position in order to accommodate anyone that rides along with you. They are available in several different materials.
  • Racing: These seats are shaped in a way to provide advanced lateral support and are designed in accordance with the shape of the human body. Although typically used in racing cars, they are available for the Toyota 4Runner and fitting for the TRD line.
What are some features available with Toyota 4Runner seats?

Toyota vehicle seating comes with an array of features depending on the exact model that you select. Many rear and front seats come with heating capabilities that allow you to control the temperature during the cold winter months. The majority are also outfitted with reclining functionality, providing you with the ability to alter the back of the seat to a more relaxed position, which can be used during long road trips. Along with reclining capabilities, some models provide you with adjustable controls as well that can move the item forward and backward along with several additional controls.

What materials are Toyota 4Runner seats made from?

These items are comprised of a variety of materials, from cloth to leather, for your standard or premium vehicle while some of the racing models are outfitted with carbon fiber.

  • Cloth: This is a type of fabric that is designed with comfort in mind, while the material itself is breathable, which means that the seat doesnt become much colder or warmer during extreme temperatures. This material also does not need to be maintained save for the occasional vacuuming or steaming. Cloth seats can also be equipped with heating technology that allows them to heat up with the click of a button in some cars.
  • Leather: This type of natural fabric is designed to be soft and supple, while the material is strong and durable enough to resist dry abrasion and other issues. This material comes with a substantial amount of waterproofing, which makes spills easy to clean. Leather can come in a range of colors as well.