Upgrading a Classic: Sprinter Seats

You?re ready to take a trip in your Sprinter van, but your seats are fairly worn. There are rips, stains, and general wear and tear from family vacations past. Fortunately, new seats for the Sprinter come in a variety of different colors, materials, and styles on eBay.

What colors and materials are available?

Seats for Sprinter vans come in a variety of shades, including black, white, red, gray, and even different patterns. Whether you?re trying to please the significant other or your kids or shopping purely for your own personal style aesthetic, Sprinter seat designs are versatile. Black is the most standard of the factory hues, with some design options offering black insets with white borders and others offering a panel of patterned fabric sandwiched between two solid panels. Material choices include leather, fabric, and synthetic materials, which all offer different benefits. Leather ensures warmth while fabric and other synthetics offer some temperature control. Different considerations exist based on whether you?re doing most of your driving in winter or summer.

How do you clean seats for Sprinters?

Cleaning seats for Sprinters depends upon the material at hand. Leather seats can typically be conditioned periodically to prevent any staining or water damage. Fabric and synthetic designs can be spot-cleaned with a combination of warm water and soap. Dip the cloth in warm water and blot the affected area until the stain lifts. If the water creates little change, mix some of the soap into the warm water and repeat the blotting process. When the stain is gone, let the area dry. If you need to sit on the seat immediately, consider using a hair dryer to aid the drying process.

What accessories can be included in seat installation?

Sprinter seats can be installed with several different parts and accessories, including:

  • Headrests
  • Arms
  • Swivels

Some models feature posts for headrests while others are simply elongated so that the back of the chair comes far enough up the body that the back of the head can rest comfortably against it. Arms can be attached to the sides of some chair models for limb support. Rather than being completely stationary, some Sprinter seat models feature swivels that allow the passenger or driver to turn several degrees to the right and left.

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