Mini Cooper Seats

Over time and through normal wear and tear, you may find it necessary to replace the seats in your Mini Cooper. You may also wish to purchase new ones in order to upgrade or replace them. Mini sport seats are made to give you a comfortable and exciting ride, and there are a wide variety of options to suit all tastes.

What types of seats are in a Mini Cooper?

  • Bucket: The driver and passenger seats that are available in a Mini are bucket seats. These are comfortable and allow you an easier driving or riding experience.
  • Bench: Depending on your model, you may or may not have a backseat. If your car does, the backseat will most likely be a bench and will allow two or three passengers.

What materials are available for Mini Cooper seats?

There are many choices that can suit your lifestyle:

  • Leather: For luxurious and fashionable style in your Mini, leather is an excellent choice. It is supple, durable, and easy to clean.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is easy to clean, durable, and can be stylish.
  • Fabric: Fabric is another choice that can be very fashionable and can be cleaned using certain spot cleaners. It is also durable.

What companies make seats for the Mini?

There are many choices from which you can choose to make your car more fashionable and unique.

  • Recaro: Recaro makes a line of John Cooper Works or JCW products. These Recaro seats are designed to add a racing flair to your vehicle. They feature backrest, head support, easy entry, and sporty cutouts on the headrest.
  • Other sport seats: Other companies make racing style accessories for your car. These often feature fun colors to match the exterior, like white, green, red, or blue.

How do you change out the seats in a Cooper?

Changing out the seats in a Mini is a fairly painless process. Make sure to have all materials ready. You will need wrenches, gloves, and a pair of pliers. You may also need someone to help you lift out the seat because it is heavy.

  • Turn off the vehicle, disconnect the battery, and wait for the airbags to be disabled.
  • Begin by unbolting the bucket from both the back and front.
  • Look on the bottom of the old part, and detach any wires, like those to the airbag and sensor.
  • This is a good time to clean and vacuum this area of your car because crumbs and dirt can easily get trapped down there.
  • Insert new buckets, reattaching any wires to the new product. Bolt these down at both the front and back. Adjust them, and make sure that all electronics are working and that you can move forward and back.