Honda Accord Seats

Honda Accords with leather seat interiors are easy to clean and maintain because most spills on leather can be quickly mopped up. This type of fabric does not hold in pet dander or pollens and is a common option for people with allergies. The Honda Accord leather seats can also be repaired if ripped, cracked, or torn, making them the right choice for car owners that want a low maintenance interior.

How do you clean leather seats in the Honda Accord?

Never use bleach or ammonia to clean the leather. Only use a specially formulated cleaner to protect your leather. To make a homemade solution, mix three parts vinegar and one part water. You will also need white or light colored lint-free rags and a handheld soft-bristle brush. Before you begin cleaning, test your solution with a cotton swab on an inconspicuous area.

  • Vacuum out any loose debris.
  • Apply the cleaner with the soft-bristle brush, gently working the cleaner into the cracks and seams. You do not need to scrub the leather. Work the solution into it and allow it to break up the dirt, grease, and oils.
  • Wipe with a white rag. You should see dirt pulling off onto the white rag.
  • Continuing applying the cleaner and wiping until the rag appears clean after each wipe. Let dry before sitting in the car.
How do you maintain leather seats in your Honda?

Maintaining the seats is a simple process that will keep the coverings from cracking and help preserve the value of the vehicle. Leather needs to stay pliable. Conditioners hydrate and prevent drying, cracking, and fading. However, make sure the seats are completely dry before applying the conditioner.

  • Apply the conditioner to a clean, lint-free towel. Rub into the seats. Do not worry about over applying; you can wipe off any excess with a clean rag.
  • Let dry before using.
How do you repair a cracked leather car seat?

The supplies you will need are lint-free rags, denatured alcohol, low-grit sandpaper, new sponges, and a leather repair kit. These repair kits are solutions specifically created to meld with the fabric but still keep the seats flexible and natural looking. Repair kits finish with a special fabric dye to color match the fix.

  • Wipe the cracking area with the alcohol then lightly sand the cracks and surrounding area. Wipe with alcohol again and dry thoroughly with a lint-free rag.
  • Apply a repair compound, focusing on the cracks. If there are deep cracks, apply a second coat by working into the leather. Wipe with alcohol again and rub your hands across; it should feel smooth. If it is lumpy, rub it down until it is flat. Let dry.
  • Some seat repair kits will require you to mix and match the dye and test it an inconspicuous area while other kits come with premade base colors like black and brown. Follow individual manufacturers instructions to prepare the dye. When ready, apply the dye with a new, clean sponge. Pat and rub over cracks and surrounding area to blend in. Let dry completely before sitting in the car.