Ford Expedition Seats

If you’re looking to replace your Ford Expedition seats, many different styles are available, including racing, sport, suspension, and classic. Different replacement accessories that typically accompany seats for Ford Expeditions include brackets, belts, and covers. A range of materials allow the Expedition owner to individualize the interior of vehicle to meet what fits his or her taste, too.

What sorts of racing seats are available?

Racing front seat and back seat designs for Ford Expeditions typically have a bucket style that surrounds the driver’s and passengers’ shoulders deeply. There are often cutouts for venting near the top of the design, under the headrest. Racing models are frequently upholstered in leather or a combination of leather and synthetic materials.

What kinds of sport seating options are available?

Some varieties of Ford Expedition sport designs mimic racing designs. Vents are common, as are some of the same materials. However, silhouettes of sport designs can vary. They often have a bucket shape, although some of the lower sides also rise up a few inches to encompass the sides of driver’s and passengers’ legs as well. Textiles range slightly to include polyester blends and more casual materials.

What are suspension seating options?

Suspension seating for Expeditions includes lots of extra cushion and padding, particularly in the bottom portion under the glutes. This type of Ford seating is designed for off-road and tricky terrain driving where more suspension is required to accommodate intense bouncing. Many types of suspension seating is made in leather finishes.

What are some features of classic designs?

Classic car seats for Fords typically have simple silhouettes without as much emphasis on a bucket shape. Some classic silhouettes for Ford Expeditions simply have a backrest and similar bottom, like an oval that has been bent to form an angle. Some include headrests, and a few accommodate armrests as well. Finishes are typically smooth with clean lines, and include different colors of leather and other easy to clean materials.

What accessories come with Ford Expedition seating?
  • Brackets for Ford Expeditions hold the seating to the floor through a series of bolts and screws. Most brackets allow for chairs to be adjusted forward and backward to accommodate operators and riders with different lengths of legs in order to operate the vehicle appropriately.
  • Belts and harnesses hold operators and riders in position securely in Ford Expeditions. If an accident occurs, belts are largely what keeps individuals safe.
  • Covers are accessories that can be further used to individualize the appearance of different seating choices. There are formats for racing designs as well as traditional styles. Covers come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and textures; some feature logos as well.