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Kia Soul Seat Covers

Seat covers for Kia Soul can be placed over your seats in order to provide them with a new appearance and to protect them from a range of substances like dirt and water. These seat coverss were manufactured by a variety of brands that include FH Group, BoostWaves, and OxGord. They come in an array of styles and can be equipped with numerous features, from a small pillow to heating technology.

Which materials do these Kia Soul seat covers consist of?

These Kia Soul seat covers can consist of a variety of different materials, from leather to sheepskin.

  • Leather: This is a breathable and tough material that offers a unique aesthetic for your Kia Soul and is designed to provide you with 100% waterproof materials. This material is resistant to dry abrasion and will be able to hold up against general wear and tear.
  • Mesh: This material consists of several layers of durable knit fabric that will keep moisture away from the interior of your vehicle and will not change temperatures when it is cold or warm outside.
  • Neoprene: This is a synthetic rubber material designed specifically to be 100% waterproof while also providing you with a soft and comfortable cushion to sit on. It is a flexible material that can be spot cleaned without issue.
  • Velour: This is a plush and soft cotton fabric that offers an appearance and feel that matches velvet. This fabric is designed with durability in mind and is meant to withstand wear and tear in your Kia.
  • Sheepskin: This is a material that offers a high amount of strength and softness while providing you with a breathable fabric that is resistant to both bacteria and dirt.
Which colors do these Kia Soul covers come in?

These seat covers for Kia Soul come with a large number of color options that you can select from, the primary of which is black. Some of the additional colors found with these seat covers include gray, tan, blue, brown, red, pink, and green. A selection of them also come in multiple colors with combinations such as black and blue, red and black, and tan and black.

How do you select the right Kia Soul seat cover?

When searching for the right seat covers for your Kia Soul, there are a couple of options that you might want to consider. Many of these Kia Soul seat protectors are referred to as OEM parts, meaning that they are made by the original manufacturer of your vehicle, which would be Kia in this case. These OEM parts are designed specifically to match the seats in your Kia Soul, allowing you to place them on without issue. Another option that is common among these seat covers is to select an aftermarket model, which means that the part has been manufactured by another brand, such as OxGord or FH Group.