Kia Sorento Seat Covers

Kia Sorento owners can help protect their investment by covering the rear and front seats in their vehicle with seat covers. Doing this will also help extend the life of and protect the upholstery on the seats in your Kia Sorento from pets, children, and wear and tear. The seat covers will fit most Kia Sorento models and years, and they come in many patterns, colors, materials, fabrics, and styles.

What are the differences between universal-fit and custom-fit seat covers?

Universal-fit and custom-fit seat covers for Kia Sorento vehicles offer their own advantages. To help you select between the two types of cover for your SUV, here are the differences between them:

  • Custom: This style is made to fit perfectly on your Kia Sorento seats. They are made-to-measure, which means theyre strictly in accordance with the model and year of your Kia Sorento. The right amount of space is also left for side impact airbags.
  • Universal: Theyre made to fit many seats and offer a more loose fit, which makes them extremely easy to install and remove in your Sorento.
What are some materials for Kia Sorento seat covers?

Knowing what the most sought-after fabrics are and their benefits will help make you aware of what you should look for when choosing the seat covers for your Kia Sorento. Itll also help you choose covers that suit your lifestyle. Here are three common materials for seat covers in your Kia Sorento:

  • Neoprene: Its a durable rubber-based material that is waterproof and hard to puncture. You can easily clean it with water and wetsuit shampoo.
  • Leatherette: Its also known as vinyl and is scratch-resistant. You can simply wipe it down with water to clean.
  • Mesh polyester: It offers the utmost in breathability and will help keep your seats dry and cool.
How do you clean canvas Kia Sorento seat covers?

First, vacuum the top of the canvas seat covers in your Kia to remove any dirt, dust, and other debris. If any debris remains, use a soft bristle brush to remove it. Next, take off the covers. Run cold water over the surface of each one to wash away any grime while making sure you dont wet the clean underside of it. Dry off each one with a clean towel. Also, make sure to double-check the care instructions included with your seat covers before washing them in case there are any special care directions you will need to follow.