Ford Escort Seat Covers

Keeping the interior of a Ford Escort clean becomes a lot easier after purchasing accessories such as seat covers. The leather seat of an Escort lasts longer when a quality cover protects it from dirt, dust, excess sunlight, and other elements. As the driver, you might even discover custom seat covers add to the comfort and flair of a commute as well.

Do the Escort seat covers come with a specific fit?

Many of the seat covers are designed specifically for the original seat types that the Escort offered as options. There are also universal seat cover options that have a drawstring at the bottom for a custom fit.

What are laser-cut seat covers for an Escort?

There is a special laser-cut approach that can create custom covers that can be made for the interior of a car or truck. Laser-cutting is a manufacturing process that uses laser design and robotic manufacture to provide precise, consistent results. This process can be done with leather, fabric, or vinyl. Laser cutting also offers the ability to heat and seal off edges and to provide a layer of interesting cutout designed that can be backed and provide a variety of themed styles.

What durable materials make Escort protective seat covers?

Durable materials are necessary to deliver the best protection. Polycotton fabric serves as one of the durable materials used to make covers for an Escort seat. In some cases, canvas or polycotton may serve as a fabric base for a seat cover, and something softer, like microfiber or fleece, can be placed on top to provide warmth. Leather and vinyl are other durable seat covers that provide a combination of warmth, softness, and strength.

In addition to the special fabric materials, quality manufacture features, such as triple-stitched seams, are often included in these seats.

Are Ford Escort seat covers waterproof?

A special water-repellent finish may be present on certain coverings.

What colors and themes are available?

There are many different options to style your Ford Escort interior with seat covers. Some common colors and themes include:

  • Traditional interior color and design: There are a number of choices that match the original look of the car interior.
  • Neutral tones: Neutral colors include gray, black, tan, and white. They can be solid in color or colorblocked.
  • Sports Teams: The color and logo of your favorite pro or college sport team is often available as a seat cover.
  • Prints: Prints can reflect any theme that you wish, including Hawaiian, floral, geometric, patriotic, and more.