BMW Z3 Seat Covers

BMW seat covers are typically custom made to fit the Z3 seats with exact specifications and offer protection from the hot sun. Moreover, BMW Z3 seat covers come in various colors, material, designs, and fabrics that not only offer protection from liquids and food but add style to your car.

What are leatherettes?

Leatherette is synthetic leather made from vinyl. The BMW Z3 fabric base is covered with plastic to give it the illusion of real leather. Because it is plastic based, the material does not fade when exposed to the sun and is easy to clean. Leatherette seat covers from BMW Z3 come in a variety of colorful designs that you can select from. These seat covers fit precisely to your automobiles seat.

What are BMW Z3 genuine Leather seat covers?

BMW genuine leather seat covers are made of 100% leather and designed to cover your vehicles seat. BMW Z3 leather seat covers offer options designed to protect the cars seat and aesthetically complement your cars model. However, the BMW Z3 Series makes Genuine Black Leather seat covers that are limited in color and pattern. Most genuine leather seat covers come in full black or black with red double-top stitching. If you prefer a different range of colors and styles in genuine leather, aftermarket options can be found.

Will the Z3 Series seat cover match your cars interior?

There are a number of seat cover manufacturers that design seat covers for the BMW Z3 Series. While some companies will strive to offer neutral options that closely match the standard interior design options for the car, others will offer something with a bit of flair. This can include patterned or solid car seat covers, those with logos for sports teams, or other design options like plaid, Hawaiian, and floral.

Are BMW Z3 car seat covers washable?

The seat of a vehicle is the most vulnerable part of the car. This is why may car owners like to use seat covers. Drivers know they are prone to spilling coffee, food, and even makeup while driving or stopped at a light. BMW seat covers are stylish, durable and can be wiped clean with a moist cloth. Some seat covers are washable, such as those made from cotton or twill. Always care for your seat covers by following the instructions for that particular type of material, as ones that are leather cannot be washed in the washing machine.