Dodge Dakota Seat Belts & Parts

Seat belts help keep all of your passengers safe in your Dodge Dakota. If your seat belt breaks or you want to make an upgrade, there are various choices to be made. Learning more about the accessories will help you get what you need for your Dodge Dakota.

What are some of the seat belt accessories?

You will want to know more about the accessories available to determine what you need to make a repair, replacement, or upgrade in your Dodge Dakota.

  • Extender: This extends the length of the lap belt.
  • Latch: This is what the buckle plugs into.
  • Pretensioner: This is what removes the slack out of the seat belt.
  • Seat belt clip: This is the buckle that goes into the latch.
  • Off-road harness: Most harnesses for off-the-road activities are five-point systems that include going over the chest and between the legs.
How do you install the parts on the vehicle?

Installing a seat belt system involves removing the bolts on either side of the Dodges chair. One side is where the latch will go while the other side will contain the pretensioner. You may have to remove a plastic cover that goes over the bolt first, which can be done with a flathead screwdriver. Then, use a ratchet set to remove the bolts. Once off, you can remove the existing parts and then install the new ones. Be sure to tighten the bolts and re-apply the plastic cover. You can then feed the belt through the pretensioner and complete the installation.

What are some of the different features?

Various features are found on seat belt accessories, allowing you to choose what you need for your Dakota truck.

  • Quick-release clip
  • Latches for car seats and booster seats
  • Padded shoulder straps.
What are aftermarket accessories?

You can choose from two types of brands: aftermarket or OEM. When you buy aftermarket products, youre buying parts that are not backed by the Dodge name, although they can still fit your Dakota truck. If youre buying genuine Dodge parts, theyre labeled as OEM because its the original equipment manufacturer that made components for the factory.

What are factors in buying seat belts for your Dakota?

Buying seat belt accessories for your Dodge Dakota involves considering a few details.

  • Type of harness: You can choose two-point, three-point, or off-road harnesses for the interior of your Dakota.
  • Seat belt lengths: The lengths vary from 60 inches to 90 inches.
  • Color: Choose a color that coordinates with the interior of your truck.