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Screen Digitizer for LG Optimus G

Replacing the Screen Digitizer for Your LG Optimus G

The screen digitizer is vital to your LG smartphones functioning as it is needed to register touch-sensitive inputs and recognize gestures specific to your device. In many scenarios, screen digitizers can reduce input lag and reduce incorrect gesture detection. Heres what you need to know to find a compatible digitizer and install it.

Are these digitizers universal?

The hardware is universal with LG devices. By design, the hardware is intended only for use with the LG Optimus G model smartphone. The manufacturer has provided other smartphone models that conform closely to the specifications of the LG Optimus G, so the digitizer for one of these may work with your device. See the manufacturer site for details. If your device is not listed, other LG models with a variable size may be available to suit your needs.

Multiple models of the LG Optimus G have been manufactured. Both plus-size and standard options are available. Large digitizing options are available for the plus models of this smartphone. All others are simply referred to as standard and are compatible with most forms of the device. Plus-size replacement options are marked as such.

How do you install the digitizer?

The hardware can be easily installed in most cases. In some circumstances, outside hardware, such as standard tools and electricity-resistant gloves, may be required. After installation, the hardware will start working immediately. As the digitizer is used over time, it will become more receptive to inputs.

  1. Remove the top layer: Your phones standard LCD screen should be resting on top of the default hardware. Small screws should be keeping the hardware in place; carefully remove the screws and set them aside.
  2. Locate the digitizer: It should be a small, thin sheet of glass. Handle it with care, and remove it gently.
  3. Insert the new hardware: Simply place the new digitizer where the old once was. It should function as intended as soon as your smartphone is reassembled.
Will this replacement digitizer be permanent?

The hardware can be installed and uninstalled at the users discretion. Since it is installed underneath the glass surface, careful handling is needed. As long as the digitizer has been properly installed initially and hasnt made contact with any exposed circuitry, this hardware can be swapped with that of other models. It can be utilized with external devices without impeding vital functions or features.

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