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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note is Samsungs flagship large-format smartphone, currently in its eighth generation. The Note 8 has a 6.3-inch screen, and it is designed to provide the speed and clarity needed for gaming and multimedia applications as well as the utility for standard productivity and entertainment tasks. The Samsung Galaxy 8 device has a 3300mAh battery and runs on the Android operating system.

What is the Notes Infinity Display?

The Samsung Notes Infinity Display is a screen that provides complete glass coverage all the way to the edges of the smartphone without the traditional bezel borders that many phones have. This display is designed for streaming video and playing games with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. This allows for a slim design that fits comfortably in the hand despite the expansive screen size. You can also use two apps side by side, a productivity-enhancing feature provided by the 6.5-inch size.

What type of camera does the Samsung Galaxy Note include?

This device is equipped with a dual 12MP camera with 2x optical zoom. It features a wide-angle lens that has the capability to take clear, sharp photos even in low light conditions. Both the front-facing and rear-facing cameras on the Note include optical image stabilization, which keep the camera steady even when youre taking a close-up shot.

What type of processor does the Samsung Galaxy have?

This smartphone runs on 6GB of RAM combined with a 10 nm mobile processor, a pairing that provides the speed you need for games and rich visual applications. Youll also have a connection speed of 1GB per second thanks to the inclusion of both gigabit LTE and gigabit Wi-Fi. Vulcan API gaming support is also included.

What other features does the Galaxy Note include?

Notable aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 include:

  • The ability to expand the phones memory by up to 256 GB using a MicroSD card
  • Wireless charging capabilities, eliminating the need to search for a cord and connection
  • A durable integrated case that provides protection against water and dust
  • Biometric identification that allows you to open your phone using either an iris scan, fingerprint scan, password, pin, pattern, or face recognition

What is the Samsung Galaxy S Pen?

This stylus included with the Galaxy Note 8 can be used to draw, take notes, make selections, and more using the devices touchscreen. The S Pen is similar in size to a standard pen and does not require batteries for use.

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