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Common Features of Alltel Flip Phones by Samsung

Samsung manufactures a variety of flip phones that may be compatible with the Alltel wireless network provider. Many of these devices are smartphones that run on the Android operating system. Samsung Alltel flip phones have a front panel that you can rotate upward to access the screen or keypad and to run applications.

How can you store data on a flip phone?

Many phones are equipped with an internal hard drive or RAM memory that allows you to store data. The type of data you store can include text messages from friends, full documents for work, family photographs, or personal videos. You may be able to store all these file types in one location on your wireless device. Data storage for flip phones is usually measured in megabytes and expressed as a number followed by MB. Some common storage capacities you might find during your search include:

  • 20 MB.
  • 30 MB.
  • 50 MB.
  • 60 MB.
  • 65 MB.
Which Alltel models are available to you?

You may discover some of the Samsung phones that work with Alltel:

  • SCH-U340. - This flip phone may be available in blue and might include additional accessories such as a wall charger.
  • SGH-X427M. - This cell phone may be available in silver and include a mechanism for attachment to a belt.
  • SCH-R500. - This phone may come in red and include a wall charger.
Can you run programs on a flip phone?

Flip phones that use the Android operating system have a physical appearance and design similar to that of traditional phones. However, thanks to the addition of the OS, these devices are able to function like many smartphones. This means you can use your mobile device to install and run applications. Some common programs or applications that you might be able to download include the following:

  • Email clients - These programs may allow you to receive, view, and respond to various work or personal emails.
  • Financial applications - If your bank, credit card, or insurance company has its own application, you may be able to download it onto your phone. This program might allow you to view account information, make transfers, or pay bills.
  • Music or video players - You may be able to use these apps to listen to music during a workout or commute or to watch videos in your free time.
What other features do Alltel phones have?

The precise features you receive with your phone can vary depending on the model you choose. See the manufacturer site for details. Common features you may wish to add include:

  • Internet browsers.
  • GPS location.
  • Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Voice activation for making calls.
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