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SO-DIMM 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM for Value Computer Builds

Memory is a crucial component of a computer system. It stores important but temporary data housed in a system of memory chips that are able to read and write data much faster than a hard disk drive (HDD). This enables them to summon the files for frequently used programs so that launching them is much faster than when constantly having to communicate with slower HDDs. The faster the MHz speed of the module you choose and the higher its memory, the more efficiently your computer runs when doing multiple tasks at once.


  • SO-DIMM: This is an acronym that stands for small outline dual in-line memory module and is a type of physical format for RAM. It is typically 6.76 cm in length and can vary in terms of height depending on the manufacturer and particular standards. They are designed as such because they installed in a flat position and sit parallel to the motherboard to allow the machine to remain compact and slim. This is the form factor used in laptops and all-in-one computers.
  • GB: This specifies the memory capacity of the unbuffered DDR2 module. Many modern RAM modules can carry upwards of 16 GB of memory per stick, but DDR2 RAM can only go up to 8 GB and as low as 1 GB. A 2 GB memory module setup alone may barely be usable considering modern web browser resource requirements, but using a pair of 2 GB sticks to get 4 GB of total system memory can be beneficial for budget-conscious buyers.
  • DDR2 SDRAM: DDR2 stands for double data rate version two and indicates the type of data rate standard used by the SODIMM. It is called double data rate because it is able to perform read and write operations during a single cycle, allowing it to efficiently operate and effectively doubles the bandwidth compared to single data rate SODIMMs. SDRAM means synchronous dynamic random access memory and indicates that the DDR2 SODIMM is able to synchronize with the CPU for better operational efficiency.

How Do I Know What RAM to Buy?

  • Motherboard Specifications: A laptop motherboard may be able to support different MHz speeds and capacities. Look through your laptop or all-in-one desktop user manual to determine if it supports DDR2 SDRAM. Do note that DDR2 SDRAM is not compatible with newer or older types of memory modules so you can neither interchange them with others or slot them in a motherboard that supports a different type of RAM.
  • Computer Form Factor: Note also that SODIMMs can only be used in laptops or desktops that have motherboards that support them natively. However, adapters allow you to insert a compact memory module into a DIMM adapter and insert it into a DIMM slot for use.