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Why Should I Buy AAA Rechargeable Batteries?

When searching for AAA batteries, you might have run across Eneloop. Eneloop is a brand of rechargeable battery created by Sanyo. They come pre-charged in sizes like AAA and AA batteries. But are Eneloop rechargeable batteries worth it?

What is Sanyo?

Sanyo is Japanese electronics company that joined Panasonic in 2011. As a company, partnered with Panasonic, they specialize in:

  • Solar cells and plants
  • Rechargeable batteries, such as Eneloop, that come in AA, AAA, and other sizes.
  • Televisions
  • Air conditioners.

What are the Benefits of a Sanyo Rechargeable Battery?

If you're looking for AA or AAA batteries, consider the Sanyo Rechargeable Batteries.

  • Rechargeable AA and AAA Eneloop batteries save you money over time.
    • Batteries, whether they're normal or rechargeable, contain chemicals that are very harmful to the environment.
    • If they aren't properly disposed of, and most are not, then these chemicals such as NiMH (also known as Ni-MH or nickel-metal hydride) can burst out.
    • Because the Eneloop rechargeable batteries can be used multiple times through their charge cycles, they contribute less to landfill waste and toxicity.
  • They save you money.
    • Instead of buying multiple packs of batteries for your home, rechargeable batteries cut down on waste and cost.
    • You can use one pack of Eneloops multiple times in the time you would use one pack of normal batteries.

How Do the Sanyo Eneloop Batteries Work?

Rechargeable batteries might seem cool, but how do they work?

  • Normal batteries and rechargeable batteries have the same basic construction.
  • They create power through an electrochemical reaction that involves an anode, a cathode, and electrolytes.
  • The key difference is that in rechargeable batteries like the Eneloop, the electrochemical reaction is reversible. You can drain the battery as well as you fill it up.
  • Most rechargeable batteries are made of NiMH, or Ni-MH, as well as lithium-ion.

Can I Recharge My Eneloop Batteries with Another Battery Charger?

  • Eneloops come pre-charged, so you can use them right out of the box. Some packs also come with a battery charger.
  • While it's possible to charge your Eneloop with another battery charger, it's best to use the battery charger it came with.