Everything You Need to Know About Rooftop Camping Tents

Rooftop tents can change the way you camp as these unique structures sit on top of your vehicle, so you don?t need to worry about rocky or uneven terrain. Whether you drive a large truck or a small car, you can find a model that fits your needs. With eBay, you can browse a variety of sizes and styles to keep you comfortable in the wilderness.

What is a rooftop tent?

Like traditional models, these tents are lightweight, weather-resistant fabric structures that keep you dry when you?re sleeping outdoors. Unlike typical models, these units mount on top of a sturdy roof rack and a flat metal platform. Instead of driving stakes into the ground, you can simply fold out the system and set up the interior poles. Usually, you climb in using a ladder.

What are the advantages of rooftop tents?

When you?re a car camper, rooftop tents offer some advantages over traditional models.

  • Easy setup and breakdown: With a rooftop model, you don?t need to find even ground or drive stakes. Simply fold out the system and install the poles. When you?re done, the unit folds back in and closes securely, and there?s no need to roll it up or fit it into a bag. In some cases, you can even store a thin mattress inside of the unit in between uses.
  • Safety: If you?re camping in an area with bears, poisonous insects, or other dangers, a rooftop model increases safety. Since you?re elevated off of the ground, you don?t have to worry about ants or other critters.
  • Comfort: Since you can store a mattress with your rooftop model, it?s easier to stay comfortable at night, all without blowing up sleeping pads or mats.
How can you choose a rooftop tent?

If you?re new to rooftop tents, the wide selection can be confusing. These steps can help you identify what model you need.

  • Identify your vehicle: Find tents designed for your vehicle?s make and model.
  • Select a season: Choose from four-season, three-season, and general-use models. This ensures that you?re comfortable when it rains or snows.
  • Pick a capacity: Some models hold just two people, while others can sleep up to four or more.
  • Select special features: Choose tents with rain flies, built-in accessory holders, mats, frames, support poles, and more.
  • Pick a color: Choose models in earth tones to blend in, or opt for bright colors to stand out in the wilderness.