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Riddell Speedflex

Riddell SpeedFlex Helmets for Safer Games

Sporting goods equipment does more than help you dress the part. No what sports you play, the gear protects your head from a life-threatening concussion, your face from various injuries, as well as other parts of your body from minor aches to sprains to broken bones. Riddell, founded in 1929, specializes in designing football helmets with integrated components that keep athletes safe and improve performance. The SpeedFlex, in particular, is the result of extensive research and innovative design.

How Do I Decide on My SpeedFlex Helmet Size?

A properly fitting SpeedFlex football helmet stays in place when worn. When measuring your head circumference, use a cloth measuring tape to take the measurement an inch above the eyebrows. Players with head circumferences up to 20 3/8 inches wear a size small, 20 3/8 inches to 22 inches a medium, 22 inches to 23.5 inches a large, and anyone with a measurement larger than 23.5 inches should choose an X-large helmet. If your measurement hits between helmet sizes, choose a smaller rather than larger helmet to get the proper fit. Helmets also have inflatable liners to ensure a custom fit as well; Flex liners conform to different head shapes.

What Features Do SpeedFlex Helmets Have?

  • Quick-Release Face Mask: Football players can press a stainless steel button attachment that releases the mask instantly. This feature also allows medical personnel to remove the mask without causing undue head and neck motion.
  • Shell: The shell has a patented side extension that covers the mandible and an interior liner that provides additional protection. Additionally, the SpeedFlex shell has built-in hinge clips to protect players from impacts.
  • Paddings: The materials absorb energy and stay in place during extended play. The paddings are placed in strategic positions to provide the greatest measure of protection. Moreover, moisture-resistant overliners protect the helmet keeping it comfortable and stable during a football game.
  • Ratchet-Loc System: For proper fit during each game, the chin strap system allows players to make adjustments as needed.

Prior to Every Game, What Should I Check?

Each player should check their Riddell SpeedFlex helmet before stepping onto the field. Double check the condition of snaps, buckles, and any other fasteners, making sure they are tight. The face frame pads should fit snugly against the face and mandible before you play football or other sports requiring a helmet. Likewise, chin straps should appear evenly spaced when fastened under the players chin. Finally, when you have a few games under your belt, maintain the helmet by replacing the face masks and any components that are frayed, torn or cracked.

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