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Reebok Answer Sneakers for Men

Reebok Answer Mens Athletic Shoes

Reebok Answer men’s athletic shoes are a style icon in the basketball world. With their futuristic silhouette and their classic color combination of black, gray, and red, these basketball sneakers are recognized by many as a collector’s item. Available in standard men’s sizes right after a release, these shoes can give you a classic look.

What colors are available in this line of mens shoes?

These men’s athletic shoes are available in different combinations of black, red, gray, and white.

What are some intricacies of the style?

The Reebok Answer men’s athletic shoe is an iconic silhouette from the Allen Iverson line and is considered to be a collector’s item. Iverson, whose nickname is "The Answer," wore the shoe design in 2001 when he led the Philadelphia 76ers to the National Basketball Association Finals. The shoes were part of a major rerelease by Reebok that took place in October 2017. As a result, there are only a few available in a limited number of color combinations.

The most noteworthy color combination is a primarily black shoe with front zip and strap closure. A raised, square-like toe helps with mobility, and a gray inset on the side of the arch has grooves to help with aerodynamics. Emblazoned with the line’s logo, these shoes are futuristic-looking. Red accents on the bottom of the outside arches add a splash of color to the design. Metallic and gray accents on the back of the shoes bear Iverson’s name.

What materials are used to manufacture these mens sneakers?

Tumbled leather, rubber, gel, and foam are some of the materials utilized to craft the Reebok Answer men’s athletic shoes.

What shoe sizes are available in Answer mens athletic sneakers?

Answer men’s athletic shoes are typically available in United States men’s sizes 8 through 13, including half sizes.

How do you clean Answer mens athletic sneakers?

Use a dry brush to wipe away excess dirt and grime from Reebok shoes. A soft, damp cloth can help with removing spots of mud as well as stains on shoes. Use a toothbrush to get into any tiny grooves.

What is some of the history behind the Answer brand?

Allen Iverson helped to create the design when he was a point guard for the 76ers. The basketball star and style icon wore the shoes in several important games, and the Reebok design was included when it did a relaunch of several of its specialty show lines in 2017.

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