Getting The Most Out of Your Red Led Car Lighting Strips

Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are completely replacing halogen bulbs as the go-to automotive lighting gear. Most LED lighting kits are universal and easy to install. While many new cars are coming out with original LED light installations, there are replacement parts that fit any car brand or truck. LED strips come in different colors and styles.

What can you do with your LED strip lights?

Multi-colour LED lights can create amazing functional, accent, and effects lighting:

  • Liven up your car’s interior - LED strip lights can effectively light up your dashboard and center console, giving your car an attractive glow at night. Red under-glow lights can change the floorboard to something quite appealing. Some of them have color-changing effects that add more spice to the foot-well. The lights can also light up your doors or even extend to your trunk.
  • Lighting up the exterior - Flexible tube strips can fit snugly at the top or bottom of your headlights. They help to decorate your headlights while also serving as extra light sources in misty surroundings. Red SMD LED tailgate lights make your car's rear end easily noticeable by other motorists. They help to keep you safer on the road in addition to attracting admiring looks because of the beauty they create. You can also use the LED strip to light up the back of your pick-up truck.

How many types of LED strip lights are available?

  • LED eyebrow strips (DRL) - LED eyebrow strips add extra beauty to the headlamps. They will not drain your battery, so you can use them as daytime running lights (DRL). When you choose to get these LED Lights, look out for the waterproof rating. The red eyebrow works as an accent lighting feature.
  • LED string glow lights - These wire strips can go around parts of the dash, center console, doors, and many other areas in the interior. The wire strip lights, such as the ones on eBay will leave your car looking dapper and unique. The soft glow is gentle on your eyes and the lights are low in power consumption.
  • LED underbody light kits - Few accessories can add beauty to your car while also enhancing safety. The LED under-body light kit is one such accessory. Off-road truck owners have become some of the biggest fans of these lights. They increase visibility when driving at night. When driving in stormy weather, other roads users can spot you far away distances. The kits are easy to install and most of them are waterproof.

What are the key features to look out for on LED strip lights?

  • SMD3528 and SMD5050 LED chips - SMD refers to the type of mounting the LED light strip uses. In this case, it is a surface-mounted device. The numbers relate to the size of the LED chip on the light strip. The SMD3528 measures 3.5mm by 2.8mm while the SMD5050 measures 5.0mm by 5.0mm. The 5050 chips are relatively brighter when compared to the 3528 chips.
  • IP67 and IP68 - These are waterproofing standard used in different lighting devices. An IP67 rating means that the LED strip lights remain waterproof in water that is up to a meter deep for 30 minutes. IP68 rated devices can withstand up to 30 meters of submersion in the same amount of time.