Explore a Wide Selection of 12V Rechargeable Batteries

Several brands on eBay manufacture and distribute their versions of 12V batteries. Many of these batteries are rechargeable and use various basic chemical components. You can explore the range of batteries eBay offers and see which types and features suit your needs and preferences.

Which chemical compositions can you choose?

Every 12V battery has a basic chemical composition. The chemical compounds in a battery determine some of its features and how it operates. If you know your preferred battery compound, you can select it from the list on eBay's sidebar or browse through the entire selection. Some of the batteries you'll find and the features they have include:

  • Lead-acid - These batteries have seen over a century of use. They are resistant to overcharging and come in durable shells. Lead-acid 12-volt batteries are available in a wide range of sizes and have a great shelf life.
  • Li-ion - Lithium-ion batteries have a high capacity and can keep many devices going for hours on a single charge. They are resistant to the memory effect and should be able to charge to their full capacities each time.
  • NiCd - These batteries usually charge up quickly and are easy to deep-cycle.
How long can these batteries last on one charge?

All rechargeable 12V batteries have an estimated running time. You will usually find this estimate listed as milliamperes per hour. The number in this reading can give you an approximation of how long your 12-volt rechargeable battery can last. Several factors or situations can influence this estimate. You can choose the 12V battery that has the right estimate for your needs using the list on eBay.

Can you buy pre-owned batteries?

You'll find several new and used 12V batteries on eBay. A used battery might show slight signs of cosmetic wear. However, it should function as intended and charge to its full capacity unless otherwise indicated.