Customize Your Tacoma Using Rear Bumpers and Other Parts

The Tacoma has been in production since 1995 and is now sold in various places throughout the world as a robust alternative to Jeeps. A rear bumper may offer some measure of protection for your truck, but it is also an accessory you can customize to suit your personal style. If you are searching for front bumpers, rear bumpers, or additional replacement parts, eBay may have new or used products that fit your needs.

What brand types can you get?

The brand type of your replacement rear bumper may denote whether it comes from the manufacturer or another source. It could also be an indication of any additional accessories that might come with the rear bumper. Some common brand types you may find on eBay include:

  • Genuine OEM - This label indicates that the rear bumper is manufactured by Toyota, the maker of the Tacoma truck.
  • Aftermarket branded - A rear bumper or part with this label may indicate a different brand.
  • Unbranded - Some items may feature no brand labels and be available at lower price points.
Can you choose from different fitment types?

A bumpers fitment type may refer to its level of customization or its size. You can see the manufacturers site for details on a specific model. The most common fitment types you might find during your search are:

  • Direct replacements - These items should match all the specifications of your original rear bumper.
  • Custom parts - These bumpers may feature different colors, unique designs, or additional accessories that set them apart from the original models. You may wish to choose a custom rear bumper to reflect your own style. Note that you may be able to find pre-owned custom bumpers at inexpensive prices on eBay.
What materials can you choose for a rear bumper?

You may wish to choose a bumper for your vehicle based on its materials. Some common materials that manufacturers may use in these accessories include:

  • Carbon fiber - This material is lightweight yet durable. It may be available at higher price points than some other materials you will find.
  • Stainless steel - Rear and front bumpers made from this are intended to be heavy and strong. They may feature a chrome finish.
  • Plastic - Plastic parts may be lighter and more flexible than steel or aluminum components.