Ford Expedition Racks

The Ford Expedition SUV has plenty under the hood including a world-class engine and automatic transmission, but while you enjoy your drive, Ford Expedition racks provide you with equipment that you can use to transport your possessions and other items, such as sports gear or a Christmas tree. Though not usually available from the dealer, these racks are available from a wide range of brands, including Ford, Smittybilt, and Yakima. When selecting one of these racks for your Expedition, there are many unique types to select from, ranging from a carrier rack to a roof basket.

What are some of the different rack types?

When searching for a rack to install on your Ford Expedition Platinum or King Ranch, you can choose from a wide array of racks that have many different uses.

  • Carrier rack: These racks are typically designed to carry sports and exercise equipment, including bicycles, skis, and snowboards.
  • Crossbar: These are designed to be used on a wide range of vehicles, including ones with no apparent fastening points, as they attach securely to any Ford Expedition model with smooth roof lines.
  • Universal roof rack: This type of roof rack can work across practically all vehicles that are equipped with factory-installed vehicle side rails, which are the rails that run along the sides of the top of your Ford Expedition.
How do you maintain a Ford Expedition rack?

To ensure that your roof rack lasts a long time on your King Ranch, Platinum or other SUV model, you will want to consider performing routine maintenance on it, which involves some simple tips and guidelines that are easy to complete.

  • Remove the roof rack from your vehicle whenever you want to clean it thoroughly with soap and warm water. This rack will need to be dried completely before being placed back on the Expedition.
  • Make sure to lubricate all of the washers, bolts, locks, and tightening knobs on the device in order to keep them in good shape.
  • Make sure that you identify the weight capacity of the specific rack that you pick out and focus on staying under the limit at all times.
  • Inspect the parts regularly to make sure that the fasteners are working properly and will keep your treasured possessions secure on short or lengthy road trips. If traveling on a lengthy vacation, check these fasteners and straps every time you stop for a meal or at a rest area.
  • Tighten loose buckles and gently handle the straps every time you use the rack. If you are carrying a larger item, such as a kayak, this item will need to be tied to both the bow and stern of the vehicle in order to achieve the right balance.
Do these racks work with every Ford Expedition?

When you are searching for the right rack for your Ford Expedition vehicle, you might want to be aware of the fact that some models work with a set range in yearly Expedition models while others can be placed onto any version, no matter when they were released to the market. These racks can be selected separately or as a pair.