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Ford Escape Racks

The starting point in choosing a roof rack for a Ford Escape is to know how it is dressed. If you are installing a rack on an Escape already sporting roof-rack side rails it will lead you in a different direction than if you are working on a model with a naked roof. In either case, you should have no problem finding a suitable roof rack for your vehicle.

What are roof-rack side rails?

Roof side rails are fabricated separately from the Ford Escape vehicle. They are not molded into your Escapes roof. Rather, they are attached to it. They provide a starting point, or a base of operations, for any number of rooftop accessories to accommodate your activities. They are designed to help you mount everything from merchandise that simply will not fit inside your Escape to racks specially designed for bicycles, canoes, kayaks, skis, snowboards, and more. If you have a properly mounted roof rack on your Ford Escape, it will be sure to secure your cargo and help you maintain control of your vehicle even if its aerodynamics are altered by what you have attached to its roof.

What are roof-rack crossbars? rail

In order to provide more stability for your Escape, most roof racks have not only raised side rails, but also adjustable crossbars. If your Ford came factory equipped with roof-rack side rails,but not crossbars, there are various OEM and aftermarket crossbars to choose from depending on the types of things that you want to carry.

What if my Ford Escape has a bare roof?

If the roof of your Ford is unadorned, you have the option of going with crossbar-only roof rack system designs, or designs with both roof side rails and crossbars. Most sidebar and crossbar units have adjustable crossbars that can be widened or narrowed depending on your needs and locked in place. If you are using your Ford Escape roof racks for a special purpose, like carrying bikes, kayaks, or snow skis, it will benefit you to have a rack with adjustable crossbars.

How important is engine power in determining load capacity?

The roof racks themselves are rated for the load weight they can carry. For safety purposes, it is important for you to stay within the limits of the roof rack design. As for the vehicle itself, The Ford Escapes engine will be able provide adequate power for most items you would want to carry on its roof.