Purple LED Car Light Strips

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Purple LED Strip Car Lighting

Purple LED strip lights have a rare and gorgeous glow. What's more exhilarating is that these lights do more than just lighting up the car. The purple glow has UV properties, which you can use to authenticate currency and important documents. The lights can help you run an indoor garden even inside your RV or camper.

What factors should I consider when purchasing LED lighting?

  • Check the lumens - Lumens ratings show the brightness of the LED. A low-watt LED with high lumens is brighter than a high-watt halogen bulb with lower lumens.
  • Installation and maintenance - Try to pick something that you can install by yourself and will not cost much to sustain. Cuttable strips might offer more installation options and flexibility.
  • Price - There are many types of LED strips out there in the market at different prices. You can get a good deal on a strip from a seller on eBay.

How do I install LED strip lighting?

Most LED strip lights come in a kit containing the LED strip, power supply (usually 12V for car lighting), and a DC connector. The kits are plug-and-play. Newbie users can run an installation on their own. But if you think you might mess up the wiring inside your car, get professional help. A pro can install the LED strip lights within minutes. These steps should give you an idea of how to go about the installation. The kit manual should have a seamless installation process that you can follow.

You should first start by deciding where you want to install the LED lights. The most common places inside the car include:

What do I need to know about interior LED strip lighting?

  • The under-cabinet is the area under the dashboard and glove-box. Placing the strip light behind the dash trim panel has a nice concealing effect. Self-adhesive LED tapes have a simple peel-and-stick feature. With other light strips, you will need zip ties or double-sided tape.
  • The foot-wells on the driver and passenger sides. Mounting them at the back of the driver's seat shares the glow with the backside passengers. Once done with the fixtures, mount the power supply or controller at a place where you can easily connect to the power supply.
  • There are many other areas where you can install the lights, you just have to play with your imagination. Some LED strip lights have special color-changing effects. Dimmable LED strips have a remote control, which allows you to set your desired brightness.

What do I need to know about exterior LED strip lighting?

  • Always pick waterproof LED strip lights when you're planning an exterior installation. Rainfall or off-road water puddles may run into contact with the lights at any time. Any LED strip that has an IP65 waterproof rating and above will do just fine.
  • Creating under-glow lighting with an LED light strip can get a little messy. Get a pro to run the installation if you are not willing to go under the vehicle. Tape lights are easier to install because you can just peel off the adhesive cover and stick the LED tape to the car.
  • Flexible strip lighting works well with the headlights. A purple LED strip light is more decorative than functional. Daylight white LED lighting gives off more brightness. A dimmer variation like the warm white can also do a fine job.