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Toyota Tundra Power Steering Pumps and Parts

Unless trying to turn an elephant with your bare hands is your idea of a fun Friday night, then keeping your power steering system in proper working order is crucial to the enjoyment of your Toyota Tundra. An effectively functioning power steering system is important, not just for convenience sake but also for safety and control because power steering allows you to better avoid obstructions on the road. You can find the necessary parts for regular maintenance on your Toyota Tundra.

How do you maintain a Tundras power steering system?

In order to prevent premature replacement of the components in your Tundras power steering system, regular maintenance is crucial. Even if youre not an expert, there are several steps you can take to keep your Tundras steering system in top condition, which are listed here:

  • Check fluid levels: The easiest way you can keep tabs on your steering system is to check the fluid levels. If the level has dropped slightly, you can add a little more to top it off. If the level has decreased significantly, you need to investigate to find the source of the leak.
  • Check hoses: While youre checking the fluid level of your Tundras steering system, you can also check the hoses that carry the fluid to the different parts. Make sure theyre tight and arent rubbing against each other so as to prevent leaks and prolong their lives.
  • Replace the filter: As with other systems on your Tundra, your steering system contains a filter that should be changed annually.
What types of power steering components are there for Tundra?

If youre interested in replacing all the parts in your Tundras steering system at once, the system as a whole will often be available as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, model. When it comes to the individual parts available for your Tundras steering system, aftermarket parts are more common, but there are certainly OEM models as well. When considering components, especially the steering lines, its important to buy parts that are either new or lightly used. This is because the lines are under high pressure during normal operation, so you dont want to install an old line that will rupture under the pressure.

How do you replace a Tundras power steering pump?

One of the components in your Tundras steering system that can fail is the steering pump. In order to replace the power steering pump, you can follow the steps below:

  • Remove the serpentine belt from the power steering system pulley.
  • Drain the fluid from the reservoir using a suction tool.
  • Disconnect the electrical harness from the power steering pump and then disconnect the lines and the bolts holding the power steering pump in place.
  • Remove the power steering pump and then maneuver the new one into place. Reconnect the electrical harness and the lines and then reconnect the serpentine belt to the pulley.
  • Add new fluid and then turn the wheels back and forth until the level drops. Add more fluid and turn the wheels again. Repeat this process until the level stays at the maximum recommended level.