Pontoon Bimini Top Boat Covers Buyers Guide

When youre spending the day on your pontoon boat, a good Bimini top cover can protect you from rain, harmful UV rays, and more. These umbrella-like pop-up covers can add shade, shelter, and aesthetic appeal to a pontoon with ease. If youre searching for the perfect Bimini cover for your boat on eBay, there are a few things that youll need to know.

What kinds of Bimini tops are there?
  • Custom: Custom covers can be a great way to get a Bimini top that will fit your boats specifications. You can choose a top made of the fabric that you like in a color you love. With a custom cover, youll also be able to specify the size that youll need. This way, you can get enough shade out on the water.
  • Standard: Standard pre-made covers are less expensive and can work as well as, if not better than, custom covers. These covers come in many colors and styles and are easy to install.
What functions do Bimini covers serve?

Bimini covers can serve a few different functions on a pontoon boat. They can be used as a sunbrella, a rain shelter, an aesthetic element, or all three. You should decide which functions youll need your Bimini cover to serve before making a final purchase. Not all Bimini covers offer UV protection, after all. Bimini top boat covers can come in a wide range of fabric compositions, colors, sizes, styles, materials, and shapes.

How do you know the cover will fit your boat?

While many covers will attach to nearly any boat, some are designed for specific styles of a pontoon. You can take a few steps to help ensure that the Bimini youre looking at will fit your pontoon correctly.

  • Read the product details: Reading the details on a product may be the easiest way to ensure proper fit. Most Bimini covers will have standard fitting measurements listed.
  • Measure your pontoon: If details arent specific on the Bimini cover youre looking at, measure your boat. Measure the dimensions of the area that will need to be shaded and cross-reference that with the cover youre interested in.
  • Know your model number: Certain covers are designed to fit perfectly with pontoons of a specific make, model, and year.
  • Factor in height: Make sure that if the Bimini you like comes with structural components, they will be tall enough to accommodate standing passengers. Some Bimini cover fabrics will stretch to accommodate different structures while some are rigid and must be fitted exactly to the structural rods.