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Playskool Star Wars Action Figures

Playskool Star Wars Action Figures

Playskool makes Star Wars action figures aimed at school-age children who view the Star Wars movies. Kids can use these figures to re-enact their favorite scenes from the Star Wars films and make up their own stories featuring the heroes from the movies.

What are some Star Wars action figures available from Playskool?

The Playskool Star Wars action figures are known as Galactic Heroes. Several characters, ships, and playsets are available, including the following:

  • Star Wars Galactic Heroes Luke Skywalker and Snowtrooper: This set features Luke Skywalker in his Rebel pilot suit. He comes with a grappling hook and a light saber. The Snowtrooper comes with a weapon. Both weapons fire play ammo.
  • Star Wars Galactic Heroes Captain Phasma and First Order Stormtrooper: Fans of the third Star Wars trilogy can take on the role of the bad guy as they use the Captain and her Stormtrooper to hunt down the Resistance. Both action figures come with toy weapons.
  • Star Wars Galactic Heroes Chewbacca and First Order TIE Pilot: Kids can act out a battle between Chewie and this First Order TIE Pilot. The Chewie figure comes with a quad cannon blaster, and the First Order TIE Pilot comes with two power cell weapons.
  • Galactic Heroes Poes X-wing Fighter: This Star Wars set allows kids to join the Resistance and help Poe Dameron take on the bad guys. This set comes with a Poe figure and a ship with a hatch so that the figure can fit inside. The wings separate, and the ship includes launchable projectiles.
  • Star Wars Galactic Heroes Han Solo and Tauntaun: Kids can pretend to be Han Solo as he rides the Tauntaun figure to find Luke when he was kidnapped on Hoth in "The Empire Strikes Back."
  • Star Wars Galactic Heroes Speeder Bike and Scout Trooper: A kid can use this vehicle toy to pretend to race through the forests of Endor as the Scout Trooper figure hunts down the Rebel leaders. The speeder bike vehicle contains a projectile.
  • Galactic Heroes Han Solo and Chewbacca: Re-create scenes from Star Wars with the duo and the Millennium Falcon. The Han Solo figure comes with a blaster, and the Chewie figure comes with a bowcaster.
  • Galactic Heroes Resistance Rey (Jakku) and Captain Phasma: Kids can imagine a battle between Rey and the Captain. The Captain comes with a weapon, and Rey comes with a staff.
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