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Pink Housing Case for iPhone 5s

Think Pink: Housing Cases for the iPhone 5s

Pink housing cases for the iPhone 5s are available in a variety of different materials including TPU, leather, and other slim, protective options. A range of features are available, with some cases including multiple features, such as wallet functions. Pictorial cases include a wide array of images and characters.

What features are available for iPhone 5s cases?

Pink housing cases for Apple phones include a variety of different features and styles. The iPhone 5s cases are available in protective styles like slim and wallet and may include multiple accessories.

  • Card pockets: These are mounted to the backs of housing cases in order to accommodate IDs, credit cards, and other cards. They can be pink or contrasting colors, prints, or textures.
  • Kickstands: These are mounted to the lower back of a housing case in order to allow the phone to stand up on its own. This can serve to accommodate video streaming, video chats, and speakerphone calls.
  • Lightweight materials: These are utilized in construction to keep designs functional rather than bulky.
  • Screen protectors: These are included in a variety of housing cases. Commonly, housing cases are built from two different pieces that sandwich the phone to encase it.
  • Shockproofing: This means that materials like gel and silicone are used in case construction to absorb impact from falls.
  • Waterproofing and water resistance: These accessories offer different levels of protection against moisture.
  • Clips: These are available to attach the phone case to different clothing garments.
What kinds of designs and finishes are there?

Pink iPhone 5s cases come in glossy, matte, metallic, patterned, plain, and transparent finishes. Transparent cases are tinted pink but able to be seen through. Plain cases are typically a single color of pink, while patterned cases may feature a print or design. Metallic cases have a sheen, while matte cases lack it entirely. Glossy cases are shiny.

Which materials are utilized to craft cases?

Metal, aluminum, rigid plastic, silicone, gel, rubber, and synthetic leather are all options for case materials. Sometimes multiple materials are utilized in one case design. A hard plastic may be used for the back of the case, while silicone serves as an inlet or bumper layer.

What kinds of characters are on pictorial cases?

Pictorial cases display a host of different images. Pictorial cases are different from printed cases in that prints typically repeat themselves across the back of the phone, while pictorial cases are unique for the duration of the case length. These pictures include scenes, cartoons, and characters, like Hello Kitty or Disney princesses.

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