Dodge Dakota Parking Brake Cables

Your Dodge Dakota parking brake cables are vital for preventing your vehicle from rolling when parked on an incline. It is also a crucial safety feature for emergency use when your main brakes fail. Replacing worn brake cables on your Dodge Dakota is an important part of your vehicles maintenance.

What causes a parking brake cable to go bad?

The number one cause for a failing parking brake cable is a lack of use. If you leave your trucks parking brake engaged for a long period of time, it can become seized up and may not properly release the brakes when you release the lever. Likewise, if you never use the brake, it may not engage at all when you finally do. Rust and weather can cause problems with the brake lines. Salt on the roads will cause havoc with the lines. Having all brake lines checked should be a part of the routine maintenance for your Dodge Dakota.

How can you tell when emergency brake cables need replacing?

If the brake cable becomes worn out or stretched, it will not properly hold the weight of your Dodge Dakota. When you pull the lever and engage the brake, you may still notice your Dakota rolling. If the lever feels loose, as if nothing happens when you engage it, this is a sign that the brake cable may have snapped. Dodge Dakotas come equipped with an emergency brake light in the dashboard. This isnt just to warn you when the brake is engaged. If your Dakotas computer system detects a problem with the emergency brake cables, it will let you know by turning on this warning light.

How can you extend the life of brake lines?

The number one way to extend the life of your brake cables is to use them. Engage the emergency brake every time you park your Dodge Dakota. This should be done whether your Dakota has an automatic or a manual transmission. Inactivity is the number one cause of brake line failure. Clean your Dodge Dakota regularly, spraying the undercarriage after driving on salty roads.

How do parking brake cables work?

Your emergency braking system is completely mechanical. This means it can help to stop your Dodge Dakota when the hydraulics and electronics systems fail. This is why strong, metal cables inside of a tough housing are used. The cables run from the handbrake to special drum or disc systems in the rear of your Dodge Dakota. Pulling the handle causes these to be engaged on the rear wheels.

What companies make parking brake lines for the Dodge Dakota?

There are a number of different companies that make brake lines for your Dodge truck. Dodge OEM and Mopar parts are also available for the Dakota. Chrysler-branded brake lines are compatible with Dodge vehicles too. Here is a brief list of some of the companies that provide Dodge Dakota Brake Lines:

  • Raybestos.
  • Wagner.
  • Dorman.
  • Pioneer.
  • ACDelco.