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What to Know about Replacement Panasonic TV Power-Supply Boards

Unless there is a fault with the screen, if something goes wrong with your Panasonic TV, it is likely that there is a problem with either the power-supply board or one of the other circuit boards that work with the other boards to enable you to binge watch your favorite box sets. Armed with nothing more than a screwdriver, a socket wrench, and the correct manual for your TV model, if you have any knowledge of electrical components, you can probably install the new power-supply board yourself.

How do you test a Panasonic TV power supply board?

Before attempting to repair a TV by installing a replacement power board, you first need to take a good look at it to make sure there aren't any obvious loose connections, bulges, or scorching. If it's looking good, it's time to get out your trusty multimeter electrical tester.

What does a Panasonic power-supply circuit board do?

The different parts of a TV set require different voltages in order to function. The audio circuit needs 12-18 Volts, depending on the brand and model of the television. The inverter board uses 24 Volts, and the microprocessor that controls the standby function needs 5 Volts. Other components use different voltages. The circuit that controls the power supply takes the 110 AC line voltage that comes into your home and converts it to the necessary voltages, called secondary voltages, to power the various parts.

Which parts control the power circuit?

Second in importance only to the motherboard, the power-supply circuit controller sits in the middle of the television set. In addition to a printed legend that indicates the various voltages it produces and the signal names, the power-supply controller is made up of printed circuits, transformers, and capacitors as follows:

  • A capacitor is a passive device that is made up of two or more terminals separated by an insulator. Its job is to store an electric charge.
  • A transformer is a static device that uses electromagnetic induction to increase or reduce the voltage of an alternating current and transfer electricity between two or more electrical circuits.
  • A printed circuit provides mechanical support and electrically connects components on a horizontal field.
How do you buy the correct Panasonic power-supply circuit?

There are five pieces of information you need to have with you in order to buy this part. These are:

  • The brand of the TV set, printed on the front.
  • The model number, located on the side.
  • The screen type: LED, LCD, or Plasma TV.
  • The type of power board. This is in the manual.
  • The part number, printed on the component itself.
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