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Salvaging Your Television with a Panasonic TV Mainboard

A TV mainboard is behind every operation performed by your television and is responsible when most things go wrong. Swapping out a malfunctioning board for one that works is often more effective than buying a replacement TV and, depending on which circuit board has to be replaced, you may even be able to do it yourself.

How is the mainboard configured?

Also known as the motherboard, the Panasonic TV mainboard is the largest board in the set and controls the activities of all the other boards. The mainboard holds the inputs and outputs for the audio and video functions. It also contains an S-video, HDMI, and USB ports along with a tuner.

What types of fault can a Panasonic mainboard cause?

The Panasonic television mainboard is responsible for malfunctions including the TV turning itself on and off, or getting stuck in standby mode. A frozen picture, if not caused by a faulty aerial, could also indicate a problem with the motherboard. Other malfunctions may be caused by other circuit boards include:

  • Screen speckles: Speckles on the screen are common in Panasonic plasma TVs and may be attributable to the X, Y, or Z sustain board or the screen itself.
  • A problem with the picture or no picture at all: With a Panasonic LCD television, you could have a defective inverter board. On a Panasonic LED television, it is more likely an LED strip that needs to be replaced. A plasma TV is more complicated. The flaw may lie in either the X, Y, or Z sustain board or the scanning board. The alternative is that you have a faulty display, which may not make changing out the mainboard a feasible option. The silver lining of that, however, is that you have a source of spare parts should one or more of the circuit boards fail on your next TV.
How do you find a faulty circuit board?

Identify which board or board or boards on your Panasonic TV are misbehaving. Check the part or contact the manufacturer for a schematic diagram of the circuit for the correct model of your Panasonic television. Then, after touching a metal object to ground yourself from static charge, unscrew the back panel and look for obvious signs of damage to any of the boards, such as a warping, swelling, or burning. If you can't see anything obvious, then you should use a multimeter electrical tester. This is when you decide whether to make the repair yourself.

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