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Panasonic 3-line Cordless Telephones & Handsets

Panasonic 3-Line Cordless Telephones and Handsets

Panasonic manufacturers a number of different cordless phones and handsets. Many of these phone kits come packed with features that allow you to do more than just answer and make calls. Plus, the phones reach does make using the device convenient since you can talk into the receiver anywhere in the home or office.

Do these Panasonic cordless phones come with answering machines?

There are several different cordless phone models that come with an answering machine. The answering machine isnt an added-on device. It is a voicemail integrated into the phone. The voicemail found on these units records caller messages with clarity.

What features are found on the phones and handsets?

A great variety of different features add to the performance of the phones. The expanded capabilities on these Panasonic models include the following:

  • Speakerphone: Users who must multitask may find it difficult to hold the cordless phone while doing other things with their hands. By clicking on the speakerphone option, carrying on conversations hands-free and from a distance is possible and with necessary audio clarity.
  • Extended Talk Time: Panasonic phones come with an automated handset power consumption feature. This way, phone conversations do not need to be quickly cut short because the power has run out. An "Eco Mode" cuts down on the power drained by the handsets.
  • Ringer IDs: Know whos calling before you even look at the caller ID. Traditional caller ID does exist on these phones, and it is complemented by programmable ringtone IDs. A designated programmed ringtone reveals just who is calling.
  • Blocking Capabilities: Unwanted and intrusive interruptions from telemarketers and robocallers can be stopped thanks to the ability to block a significant amount of phone numbers on the handsets.
Can you add more handsets to the cordless phone unit?

If the handset unit points out it comes with an expandable system, then more handsets can be added to the base unit. Depending on the particular expandable model, several different handsets can be added. By adding more handsets, the user can devise a more comprehensive phone system for the home or office.

What is meant by extended range?

The capabilities of a cordless device diminish the further the user steps away from the base unit. With extended range capabilities for the handsets, the user can move further away than normal and not lose the signal on the phone. Panasonic models sport Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications 6.0 (DECT 6.0), which supports an extended signal range.

What is the backlit LCD display on a cordless handset?

Essentially, a backlit LCD allows the display screen for the cordless handset to illuminate. The illumination allows the images on the screen to appear with clarity. Such cordless phone features are helpful when trying to view a caller ID display or when attempting to program the Panasonic model.

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