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Make it Special this Christmas with PC Laptops & Netbooks

This Holiday season take the plunge and bring home the laptop or netbook that you’ve always wanted. eBay has a wide range of laptops and netbooks available by popular brands including, Apple, Alienware, HP, Dell, Lenovo and many more. Based on your requirements, you can take your pick from the many laptop and netbook options. However, before deciding, do consider important specifications such as its battery life, operating system, storage capacity and memory. You can use your computer system to access work files, study material or live stream baseball games. Avail the running Black Friday deals on new or used PC laptops and netbooks.

Is There a Difference Between a Netbook and a Laptop?

What is the difference in a netbook and a PC Laptop? Technically the difference is size and weight. When the portable computer first came on the market, laptops were larger, had more features, and weighed more than netbooks. However, thanks to advances in technology, components are now smaller and lighter than ever. Still, a netbook generally tends to keep a screen size of around 11 inches and under.

Operating Systems

One of the first things to look at before you pick what personal computer you want is the operating system. Its what allows the hardware to communicate and operate with the software. Often a computers OS will fall in more than one of the following types: GUI (Graphical User Interface), Multi-user, Multiprocessing, multitasking, and multithreading.

Graphics Card

Does your college student plan to play games? Watch movies? The installed graphics card is essential for the visual effects people will enjoy while playing video games and watching movies. Since you do not know what the future holds, consider getting a graphics card that is upgradeable.


How much is enough? When it comes to netbook memory, the rule of thumb is to have more RAM than the minimum requirement of the applications and the OS the computer uses. In fact, its ideal to have at least the highest recommended requirement. For example, if the minimum RAM required is 8GB and the maximum is 16GB, you will want at least 16GB and if feasible more than 16GB of memory.

Battery Life

If this machine will be for work on the go, you need to ensure the battery will last long enough to finish a project. Battery life varies from system to system. For those that plan to stay plugged in most of the time, its not that big of a deal, but for those who want to go cordless, its a vital feature.

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