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OtterBox Cases for the iPhone 6 Plus

Founded in 1998, Otter creates protective cases for electronics. The Otter Company offers 11 different categories of cases. One of them is the OtterBox for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

What is an OtterBox?

Constructed of ABS plastic and reinforced with fiberglass, the OtterBox offers the iPhone 6 Plus a polycarbonate and silicone casing that fits around the edges and back of the phone.

What series are available for the iPhone 6 Plus?

The Defender Series case is OtterBoxs flagship product for the iPhone 6 Plus, but there are six distinct options altogether. Choose the one the best suits your personality and lifestyle. Your options are the:

  • Commuter Series
  • Defender Series
  • Statement Series
  • Strada Series
  • Symmetry Series
  • Universe Case System
What distinguishes the various OtterBoxes?
  • Commuter: This OtterBox for the iPhone 6 Plus is a slim design that has two-layer protection.
  • Defender: The OtterBox Defender offers wide bumper guards around the iPhone 6 Plus. Features included in the Defender are represented by the following:
    1. Built-in screen protector
    2. Inner and outer shell to protect against drops
    3. Belt clip and hands-free kickstand
  • Statement: The OtterBox Statement is designed exclusively for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus. It protects against drops and scratches. It is created in a clear finish to be able to see the phone itself through it.
  • Strada: The Strada is a genuine leather case that has a slim profile and includes a leather folio, cardholder, and magnetic latch.
  • Symmetry: The Symmetry OtterBox is a trim one-piece cover for the iPhone 6 Plus. It offers a wide range of style options, such as patterns, opaque colors, and translucent colors.
  • Universe: The Universe for iPhone 6 Plus is created with a low profile that supports a wide range of modules, such as the following:
    1. Extra batteries
    2. Card readers
    3. Flash drives
Do these fit all Plus and non-Plus iPhone 6 models?

These cases are designed specifically for the Plus series of iPhone 6. This means the cases fit the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6s Plus. Cases for the non-Plus iPhone 6 are designed for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s. Each iPhone series will have its own specific OtterBox designated to fit it.

In what colors are the OtterBox series available?

There is a varied range of color choices available, depending on the series for the iPhone 6 Plus. For instance, the Commuter Series may be available with a bright green shell with a different color, such as blue, for the slipcover. The Defender, on the other hand, is readily available in black. There are also pattern options with both the leather and polycarbonate finishes.

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