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4 Things to Know About OtterBox iPhone Cases

When youre heading out to the park with your family and want to snap some photos of your adventure with your iPhone 5c, having a case like an OtterBox can be key for your peace of mind. A case can offer your iPhone 5c protection from the elements as well as from dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Several models also protect from drops and other types of impacts.

How do companies test their cases for protection?

Companies have spent significant hours testing their products. They place real phones in their cases and throw what they can at them. Then, they see if the device can continue to work normally. Tests are conducted in various situations, including:

  • High temperatures
  • Low temperatures
  • Drops from various heights
  • Exposure to moisture
  • Exposure to various substances, like lotion, makeup, and products containing alcohol
Are the cases one piece or multiple pieces?

Cases come in a range of configurations:

  • One piece: With a minimalist design, these have a sleek look and add an insignificant amount of weight to the phone. They offer protection for the sides, corners, and rear of the phone. Sometimes, the front edge of the case is raised slightly. That raised edge can protect the screen from getting scratched when you place it face-down on a surface.
  • Two pieces: Many cases have two components to them. Often, there is a shell in addition to a slipcover. Those different pieces could be all one color, or you can find a more custom look by going with something that has two complementing colors.
  • Three pieces: A three-piece case might have a screen protector, a slipcover, and a holster.
What materials are used in these protective cases?

The materials used in Otterbox cases are rugged, durable, and light. You can find the following elements in a case:

  • Synthetic rubber
  • Polycarbonate
  • Glass or plastic; used as a screen protector
Can a case be used to prop up a phone?

Yes, holster-style cases can be used to prop up a phone. This type of case has two functions: First, it has a clip that can be attached to a belt, piece of clothing, or bag. They can also work as a kickstand so that you can place your phone on a flat surface. The phone will be held at an angle instead of being held entirely vertical, possibly making it easier to view the screen to read a recipe or watch a video.

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