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OtterBox Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S III

Your Samsung Galaxy S3 keeps you in touch with the world and puts the power of a computer in the palm of your hand. Protect that investment with a cover from OtterBox. There are many models and accessories available, so you can choose the features that fit your phone usage.

What is OtterBox?

OtterBox is a company based in the United States that has been making cases and covers for phones since 1998. Each product it makes is specific to a particular phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. These cases are not only water-resistant, but drop- and shock-resistant as well.

What series are available for the Samsung Galaxy S3?

The manufacturer makes three distinct products for this particular Galaxy from Samsung. These are the

  • Armor series
  • Commuter series
  • Defender series
What features are included with the Armor case?

Armor is a discontinued case that was replaced by the OtterBox Defender Series. Nevertheless, these can still be found and provide excellent protection. These feature a polycarbonate shell that protects against water, ice and snow, dust, and drops. The case can survive 10-foot drops, and the waterproofing feature holds up for 30 minutes in up to 6.6 feet of water. It adds slightly more girth and weight to the phone than the Defender.

What features are included with the Commuter case?

The Commuter cover for the Galaxy S3 is designed for the business professional. These are made with a slimmer build for maximum usability and aesthetics without sacrificing protection. Commuter cases provide two-layer protection and feature a self-adhesive screen protector. The two layers work together to absorb and deflect impact to your Samsung, and sealed port covers protect against dust, dirt, and lint while not in use.

What features are included with the Defender case?

The Defender is this brand’s flagship product. It is designed to protect for your Samsung Galaxy S3 from drops, other impacts, scratches, and dirt. It offers triple-layer protection and a thorough seal. Each case for the Galaxy S3 undergoes more than 24 tests over more than 230 hours. These cases are engineered to be well-suited for construction sites and outdoor adventures, and you have the option to use a belt clip or holster to secure your Galaxy S3 when it is not in your hand.

What accessories are available for OtterBox cases?

OtterBox makes many different accessories for its cases for Galaxy phones. Each of these items are designed to pair up precisely with your case and smartphone. These include

  • Holsters
  • Belt clips
  • Kickstands
  • Tripods
  • Screen protectors
  • USB cables
  • USB chargers
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