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How OtterBox Cases Are Designed to Protect the iPhone 3GS

Your Apple iPhone 3GS is important to your daily life and an investment. Cases from OtterBox are made from silicone and layered to protect that investment. There is a range of models available, and you can select the cover that suits your lifestyle and use.

What is an OtterBox case?

OtterBox manufactures cases and covers for smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics. These cases comprise silicone and other materials and are generally layered for resistance to impact and other risks. Each case is custom-designed to a particular model, so a case for your iPhone 3GS fits it precisely without any customization needed. The company has different brandings for various style cases, and the ones available for the 3GS include the:

  • Impact Series
  • Defender Series
  • Commuter Series
What distinguishes the Impact Series?

The Impact cases available for the iPhone 3GS are designed for demanding environments, such as a construction site. The design is both ergonomic and textured with the intent to deliver a high-friction grip so that the phone isn't easily dropped. The case is also quite thick to provide more protection if drops do occur. The design also includes an inner coring for added shock dissipation. The cover is precut for easy access to the screen, camera, ports, and so forth, and it includes a clear protective film that you place over the screen to protect it from scratches.

What distinguishes the Defender Series?

The OtterBox Defender is intended to withstand a lot of abuse and employs a three-layer defense toward that end. Unlike the Impact Series, it has an integrated belt clip so that it remains secure but accessible when on a ladder or operating a vehicle. It also uses a polycarbonate shell instead, which provides impact resistance of up to about 7 feet and a complete seal against moisture, dirt, and more. The company puts each Defender through a series of tests before it's deemed suitable and packaged for retail.

What distinguishes the Commuter Series?

OtterBox designs the Commuter Series with professionals and students in mind. The Commuter provides two-layer protection and a streamlined design. It can withstand the rain and snow as well as dust and dirt, and it can absorb the types of drops and shocks that can occur around the workplace. The phone, however, remains much closer to its original thickness and weight.

Does OtterBox make case accessories as well?

The aforementioned screen film and belt clip are included with some cases. You can also purchase branded clips and holsters separately. Some other options that are available include:

  • Tripods
  • Mounts
  • Kickstands
  • Screen protectors
  • USB cables and chargers
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