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It is high time that motorcycle riders of all ages and skill levels should wear and use the right gear. This includes equipment for your bike as well as clothing for yourself. Manufacturers like Alpinestars, Firstgear, and Scorpion offer everything you need.

What are some of the gear types you can wear?

Clothing can help you stay safe while riding on the open road. Most of the pieces that you see feature real leather that prevents road rash. Jackets with long sleeves keep you warm on colder rides, too. When racing in warmer weather, you might prefer a vest to a jacket. Some of these vests have sleeves that you can zip on and off as needed. The sleeves may use a breathable form of mesh to help you stay cooler.

  • Helmet: The right helmet will cushion and protect your head. Many come with a visor that snaps up and down to keep the sun out of your eyes. Some helmets even have built-in Bluetooth speakers that you can hook up to your radio.
  • Gloves: Wearing a simple pair of gloves when riding will keep your hands from slipping off the handlebars. Some designs have fingers that open or slide down to help you use your phone without taking off the glove.
  • Pants: With long pants that reach your ankles, you wont suffer road rash when you slide across the road. A longer pair will also keep the heat produced by your bike off your legs.
  • Chaps: If you hate feeling bogged down when riding, consider wearing chaps. Chaps fit over shorts and other types of bottoms and have a more open design to provide lightweight protection.
What size clothing do you need?

Finding the right size for you requires looking at the measurements used by the manufacturer or designer. Most clothing comes in sizes that range from small through extra large, though some companies make even larger sizes. Youll need a larger size when picking chaps and other pieces that you wear over your clothing.

What is body armor?

Body armor refers to pieces that Firstgear and other companies make to help you stay even safer during a race. Most feature molded pieces that you wear over your clothing. Each piece absorbs shock to keep you from suffering common injuries. Many manufacturers make body covers that you wear on sensitive parts, like your elbows and knees. Youll find clothes with built-in body armor, too.

How can you protect your supplies?

You can protect your supplies with products directly from the manufacturers, like leather cleaner and conditioner. Riding your bike can cause salt and dust to build up on your clothing. These products remove that debris without damaging the material. A bike cover uses fabric or another material. When you come back from a day or night of riding, you drape the fabric over your bike. This protects it from rain and any other weather conditions in your area.