Accessorize Your Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

Bike lovers, moviegoers, and many others admire the iconic bike due to its longevity and good looks. The H-D bike appeared in Rocky III, In the Line of Fire, and other fast-action movies. Harley-Davidson accessories increase the motorcycles value and add to your comfort level while on the road.

What Makes the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide So Popular?

The first model that had electric starters was the Electra Glide, which debuted in 1965. Bikers no longer needed to kick-start the engine, saving them valuable time. The addition of removable windshields and hard-wearing saddlebags further increased the bikes popularity. Moreover, another biker favorite, the H-D touring motorcycle evolved from the well-liked Electra Glide. Later improvements included a fairing accessory to keep the wind from blowing on riders. Also, disc brakes reduced wear and tear on the braking system. Furthermore, newer Ultra Classic Electra Glide models have fuel injection engines. Dual-exhaust mufflers are made out of chrome and chassis from durable cast aluminum.

What Are Some Motorcycle Accessories I Should Consider?

  • Instruments and Gauges: You can add an aftermarket handlebar clock thats battery powered. The waterproof clock has an easy-to-read dial you can read at a glance. Digital gear indicators let you know instantly which gear youre in when changing gears quickly.
  • Seats and Backrests: Solo seats are custom stitched and include contoured-foam padding to soften the seat. Most are detachable when you want to switch out to another style. Passenger backrest pads relieve pressure on the lower back and come with mounting brackets and necessary hardware.
  • Foot Controls: Brass footpegs hold up to wet weather and develop a copper-colored patina over time. Raised ribs keep your feet from slipping. Footpegs are available for the driver and passenger.
  • Tires and Wheels: Custom wheel kits to give your tires a facelift include front and rear wheels in various designs. You can get a big wheel look instantly with this DIY kit that also includes suspension components.

How Do You Care for Your Harley?

The ideal way to protect your motorcycle is to store it in a garage or shed. If thats not possible, clean working parts and accessories regularly to extend their lifespan. Leather saddlebags and luggage compartments should be cleaned with a wax-free conditioner. The company makes a leather cleaning product that includes UV protectants to preserve leather. Likewise, using degreaser and polishes help prevent fenders, covers, and other metal parts from oxidizing.

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