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Olympus Point & Shoot Film Cameras

How to Choose Olympus Point-and-Shoot Film Cameras

Point-and-shoot film cameras are a traditional way to capture posed and action images. The Olympus point-and-shoot cameras are available in a range of types. The point-and-shoot film cameras come with different features for both beginners and experienced photographers to use.

What are the types of Olympus point-and-shoot cameras?

This brand has several offerings of point-and-shoot cameras available:

  • Auto: This camera has an automatic focus based on the object that is in the center of the viewfinder.
  • Manual: The operator of the camera manually adjusts the optics to have the object of choice is in clear focus with the lens. These are ideal for photographers with experience in lighting and positioning photos.
  • Fixed: The optical glass is fixed into position. For adjustments, the user moves the camera closer to or farther away from the object.
What are some of the features of the film cameras?

Take the following options into consideration when selecting a point-and-shoot camera:

  • Built-in flash: The camera detects when the flash is needed, such as in dimly light landscapes. It automatically turns on the flash at those times.
  • Date imprint: The image is stamped with the date that the image was taken. The date will be visible on the printed image.
  • Red-eye reduction: The lens is able to adjust in a way that reduces the appearance of red eyes in people or animals looking at the camera when the flash activates.
  • Timer: The camera can be set for a time of up to 12 seconds. This allows you to set it up and get into the viewing zone so that you can be included in the image.
  • Panorama: The camera can be set up to take a panoramic shot of the area within its view.
What type of an optical glass is on these cameras?

The brands point-and-shoot cameras are available with a range of lens types. The 35 mm lenses are a standard size for capturing the image of one or two people. A wide-angle lens has a 50 mm aperture. It fits three to four people in the image. There are also portrait lenses available. These lenses feature a focal length of up to 100 mm for capturing a close-up image without distortion.

What are some of the lens functions of the cameras?

Multiple functions are available is this brands line of point-and-shoot cameras:

  • Silent autofocus: The lens moves in or out without making noise.
  • Zooming: Some of the available lenses are able to zoom in to objects that are up to 50 feet away from the aperture.
  • Image stabilization: The camera is able to compensate if a persons hands are shaking at the time that the image is captured. The compensation reduces blur in the image.
  • Manual and shooting modes: The lens can be set to take up to 10 images in succession, known as a burst. The amount of time between each image can be set or left on the automatic timed speed, which is one second.
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