Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy Northern Soul Records

Are you a music fan who loves to shop for bargains? Perhaps you are looking for music by your favorite artist and are hoping to find a record you do not already own. You will be happy to know that eBay's user-friendly website has a myriad selection of Northern Soul music and here is what you need to know before you make your final pick.

Choosing from a variety of artists and repertoire

You found Northern Soul, but are you wondering what type of music is available on eBay? Northern Soul includes a large selection of rock, metal, rap, and hip-hop titles. The vendor also carries numerous records by blues, classical, jazz, R&B, and soul artists. Most selections fall within the vintage records category and comprise a spectrum of well-known music titles that have enjoyed widespread appeal.

Top 40 songs by groups such as the Supremes, the Miracles, and the Chantells are among the selections that have gained renown with a variety of audiences. Hank Parker, Aretha Franklin, Sonny Stiles, Wayne Cochran, and Ella Woods are just a few of the solo artists whose music is showcased on eBay. Other available titles may include rare releases and quality music by less-known artists who have a substantial following among niche audiences.

What kind of record formats, styles, and conditions are available?

Do you wonder whether the music you found will work with your music player? Most of the Northern Soul genre available on vinyl is 7 inches or 12 inches, but eBay also has a small selection of 10-inch records. Music is available as a single, LP, Extended Play, Double LP, or boxed set in speeds of 33 RPM, 45 RPM, and 78 RPM.

Some records have special attributes, such as colored vinyl, original cover, or an original inner sleeve. If item condition is specified in the listing, the record and the sleeve are graded separately. Condition categories for Northern Soul records include excellent, near mint, good, very good, good plus, very good plus, and mint.

Determining whether the record and packaging are original

Is this the same record that was released originally? Northern Soul encompasses a range of music that has been released on nearly 200 different record labels and 15 edition types. The item listing usually mentions whether the packaging is original and will also indicate its condition. Listings often provide additional information about the record, including the year of release and edition.

Choose from among anniversary, collector's, deluxe, limited, numbered, tour, rarities, and special editions. Other release types include first pressing, promo, live recording, and white label or test pressing. You can use the label, release year, and edition type to determine whether the item is the original release or if it is a record that has been reissued or remastered.