Nelson-Rigg Motorcycle Luggage and Saddlebags

When you are planning a road adventure, you may want to bring along some gear and other supplies without weighing yourself down. Nelson-Rigg storage systems are designed to get you on the road and ready to head off to your next adventure. Whether you pilot a Harley-Davidson, sport touring bike, a cruiser, dual sport, or an Adventure motorcycle, Nelson-Rigg offers bike travel gear and accessories.

What types of luggage for motorcycles does Nelson-Rigg offer?

From weekends to long-distance trekking, their luggage is made to handle any contingency. Nelson-Rigg offers a full range of sizes, shapes, and styles of bike storage gear to meet a diverse range of riding, touring, camping, and travel needs, such as:

  • Backpacks
  • Dry bags
  • Saddlebags
  • Tail bags
  • Tank bags
  • Top boxes
  • Accessories like racks, roll cage bags, elastic cords, and nets
What are tank bags and tail bags?

While both types of storage systems are used for travel, camping, and long-distance riding storage, there are differences:

  • Tank bag: A tank bag is a means of storage that is attached to the top of the gas tank. The usual means of securing it is to use magnets or to utilize straps. Many styles are meant to be removed quickly, and this makes refueling a breeze. Their strong suit is you have access to your pillion seats.
  • Tail bag: Tail bags are usually soft storage that rests over the pillion seat by means of straps. One advantage of this type of bag is that there are many sizes available. However, since you are placing the bag over the pillion seat, there is no space for a rider behind you.
Do Nelson-Rigg saddlebags and luggage have any special features?

The brand offers several features that are unique and that will help you on your next adventure. Their motorcycle storage gear is created to be a universal fit for all types of motorcycles, and all are made with their specially manufactured mounting systems. Then, there is the waterproof feature of the Nelson-Rigg dry bags. All of Nelson-Riggs dry bags are constructed with water-resistant 1680 Trimax Ballistic nylon.

Can Nelson-Rigg motorcycle storage gear act as a backrest?

There are many types of storage that bear the secondary function of acting as a backrest for your riders comfort. An example of this type of luggage would be the Nelson-Rigg Riggpak King Roller backrest bag with Full-Nelson mount system. These types of storage systems are also capable of holding a large amount of gear and supplies.

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