Honda CT90 Motorcycle Gas Tanks

The gas tank plays a major role in the functionality and performance of your CT90 Honda motorcycle. It acts as the receptacle for the fuel your bikes engine needs during the combustion process, holding it until youre ready to ride. With a selection of Honda CT90 motorcycle gas tanks, you can find the replacement that you need.

Why buy a CT90 motorcycle gas tank?

Your Honda bike needs an unobtrusive and efficient place to store its fuel until it is transferred to the motorcycles engine block. Honda CT90 gas tanks come in a variety of colors to suit your personal style and are tailored to fit the CT90 model bike. Its important that you purchase only those fuel tanks that are specific to your Honda motorcycle. Doing so ensures that youll have a receptacle that fits your needs and works without any issues.

When should you replace a CT90 model gas tank?

Although gas tanks for the CT90 are designed to hold fuel for years without issue, they are still subjected to normal wear and tear over time. There are certain physical signs you should watch for since they will tell you when it might be time to replace your motorcycles fuel tank.

  • Your Honda is subjected to vibrations from the road whenever you ride it, and these vibrations can affect the fuel tank as well. Serious vibrations that have built up over time may cause a leak in the tank. If this happens, you should replace it as soon as possible.
  • Even though your motorcycles tank is able to store gasoline for long periods of time, constant exposure to the elements and the gas itself can cause parts of it to rust. A rusted out tank may leak or simply be unable to adhere to your Honda, depending on where the rust has developed. If you notice rust on the exterior of the tank, you should check the interior for similar damage and replace the unit.
  • If your Honda is involved in any sort of accident or collision, you should check the integrity of the fuel tank immediately. Even a relatively minor impact can have a deleterious effect on the functionality of the tank. Its possible that your receptacle could develop a leak from such a collision or become too warped to attach to the body of the bike. If so, you should seek replacement parts for it.
What other Honda CT90 parts are there?

A gas tank has several working parts. You may need to purchase individual pieces or accessories in addition to a new tank.

  • An auxiliary fuel tank will allow you to store additional gasoline for emergencies or long trips.
  • Fuel tank gas caps can become loose or corroded thanks to exposure to the elements. You can purchase spare gas tank caps separately.
  • A gas tank-mounting mechanism will hold the unit next to the body of the bike.