Honda Accord Motor Mounts

As your Honda gets older, it may be time to consider replacing the motor mounts. These are the brackets that secure your engine to the rest of the vehicle and absorb vibrations and bumps to help your vehicle run smoothly and efficiently. Honda Accord motor mounts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the model of your Accord.

What do engine mounts do?

Motor mounts are brackets that attach your cars engine to the body of the car. Over time, these brackets absorb a considerable amount of impact and will loosen over time as your car ages. As this happens, you may notice that your car runs rough, the car jerks when the transmission shifts, or the car falls out of alignment. Relative to other automotive repairs, engine mount replacement is relatively straightforward and should be considered before replacing your transmission or taking other more drastic measures.

What does this part look like?

Motor mounts are double-sided brackets with a rubber gasket between the two sides. In a Honda Accord, they typically have one round end that bolts to the frame and one square end the bolts to the V6 or inline-four. This provides optimal support for the cars powertrain.

How do you replace engine mounts in a Honda Accord?

Depending on the specific model year of Accord, the process to change the mounts will vary slightly. Generally, however, the following steps will help you to replace these parts:

  1. Secure your engine on a jack - Using a jack, raise the jack underneath your Hondas engine to secure it in place while the brackets are removed.
  2. Loosen the engine - Using a wrench, loosen the engine mounts at the point that the V6 or inline-four connects to the mounting bolts.
  3. Raise the Honda Accord engine slightly using the jack - Using the jack, raise it up about one inch to allow you to easily remove the engine mounts.
  4. Loosen the motor mounts from the frame - Using a wrench, unbolt the other half of the engine mount and remove the brackets.
  5. Install the new engine mounts to the frame of the vehicle - Using a wrench, install them where the old ones were removed.
  6. Lower the Honda Accord engine - Using the jack, lower it to align with the new mounts.
  7. Attach the engine to the new brackets - Using a wrench, tighten the Honda Accord engine onto the new brackets.